The first word: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” 2

Father! Forgive Them!

Slowly, with supreme effort, using the nails in his feet as a fulcrum, he lifts himself up.

Why does he make such a painful effort? More…

A Contemplation of the Passion (Part 1) Reply

Behold the Man!

We frantically wend our way through the crowded streets and leave the walls of Jerusalem behind. Word has reached us of what happened the night before: His agony, his betrayal, his false trial; now we hear how this morning he has been scourged, beaten, mocked, and condemned to die by crucifixion. More…



This is the best Pro-Life Anti-Abortion video I’ve seen yet. Informative and powerful! Everyone needs to see this. Please, share.

Originally posted on A secular priest:

Here’s a neat idea of solidarity … wear black on Fridays … help raise awareness to “end abortion by 2020.”



You can sign a pledge here:

h/t to Servant and Steward.


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Left to Die (Video Testimony of Jill Stanek) Reply

Either we prevail in defending the right to life, or more innocent children will be left to die.

Watch this compelling video that reveals the true story of induced labor abortion and infanticide, so called “Live Birth Abortion.”

Visit Jill Stanek’s website at

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