Catholics and Contraception 4

Fr Jose LaBoy

Fr Jose LaBoy

In the confessional and when dealing with married couples I find mainly two attitudes in Catholics who use contraceptives. One is that of weakness, there is knowledge of the evil of contraception, but the circumstances of life become a justification for using contraceptives in order to avoid pregnancy. Another attitude is to think that it is not intrinsically evil. Some think it is wrong but not a grave sin, others don’t think it is wrong at all. More…

Why Should I Confess My Sins to a Priest? 15


It is the season of conversion. If you need a little push, turn to the sacraments, because that is what they are for. In the sacrament of confession Christ himself forgives and gives the grace to continue our Lenten pilgrimage with courage, hope, and joy.

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Have you ever asked or been asked,”Why should I confess my sins to someone else, If I can just confess them to God directly?”

Of course, you can confess your sins to God anytime you want. And God forgives you if you are truly sorry.

When you confess your sins to a priest, however, you are not just telling some guy what you did wrong. In order to understand why confessing your sins to a priest is different (and important), you need to exercise your faith in the teaching of the Church.

The following video explains this clearly and effectively:

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Lenten Simplicity 4

Lent is a privileged time to simplify our lives.

Taken this morning in the sacristy of the Sisters of Life.

Taken this morning in the sacristy of the Sisters of Life.

There is so much coming at us daily, both good and bad, much like the dragnet that is cast into the sea and pulls in fish of all  kinds. What is good needs to be cherished; what is bad needs to be set aside. Fasting and Lenten sacrifices purify us so we can live more fully what is good, noble, just, pure, and worthy of praise.

Icons for Lent Reply


Are you thinking of a way to strengthen your prayer and devotion to Christ during Lent? Consider praying with icons. Here are some suggestions and examples to give you an idea of how to use icons for Christian prayer during Lent.

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Lent is almost here.  I have set up my “beautiful corner” for the prayers and images for the season.   I find myself drawn to certain of my icons during Lent, and create a home altar to contemplate and prepare my soul for the celebration of the Resurrection of our Savior.

One prays not “to” icons, but “with” them, and in the presence of the person depicted.  An icon represents someone in particular, and we are in their presence of and in communion with the saints and God as we pray.  Having the imags in front of me keeps me focussed and cognizant of this, of God’s presence with me every day, of the entire communion of saints praying with me.

I used 3 icons for my Lenten altar:  the first is an image called “Extreme Humility”.  The model for this icon is Serbian.

Jesus is shown with a part…

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Did Arizona’s Proposed Religious Freedom Bill Overstep Its Bounds? 6

If I were invited to a gay wedding, I would have to decline the invitation.

I know a lot of people will take issue with me for that, say I hate gays (which isn’t true), call me a narrow-minded bigot or something worse. That’s all sticks and stones… I’m just glad I’m not a photographer, wedding cake baker, or a florist.  More…

Sexual Economics, The Pill, and the Decline of Marriage 12

matingmarketMarriage rates in the U.S. have hit an all-time low.

Meanwhile, the average revenue of the online dating industry is at an all-time high: 1.049 Billion $$$!

This short video from The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture, takes an economic perspective on the marriage crisis in this country: The Economics of Sex. While I don’t think the crisis facing marriage in America can be fully and accurately assessed from a purely economic standpoint, I found this video entertaining, insightful, and More…

Calling It “After-Birth Abortion” Doesn’t Change a Thing 16

46421050“After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?” was a the title of a serious medical paper, published by Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva in the Journal of Medical Ethics, last year on February, 23. A question this title ought to provoke in everyone’s mind — Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers alike — is why are they calling it “after-birth abortion,” and not euthanasia? Even Britt Hume seemed a bit confused and disgusted over this, just recently. More…

A Man Taking Care of His Wife and Daughter Is Now an “Alternative Lifestyle”? 17

Going against the grain

Of the following three pictures, which one would you call “out of the ordinary”?

Family man, Freestyle Skier, Gold Medalist —  Olympian David Wise is all three. As one might expect, he made headlines for bringing home a gold. Now he’s gaining even more media publicity for leading an alternative lifestyle More…

Bill 52: “the definitive end of all care” 2


Terry McDermott is a registered nurse, in Toronto, and Catholic writer I’ve gotten to know through her blog. I urge you to read her well researched article at Catholic Insight Magazine on the situation with euthanasia in Quebec. Here is an excerpt I found alarming:

“As of 19 February 2014, Bill 52 has not been adopted. According to an article in the National Post, the Parti Quebecois is calling on all elected members of Parliament to ensure quick adoption of the bill before an election call that is expected in the next few weeks.”

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syringes-and-vial-1028452-m Here in Canada, the province of Quebec is on the brink of passing Bill 52 which will make euthanasia and physician assisted suicide legal in Quebec. Assemblee Nationale Quebec (Quebec National Assembly) will hand down it’s final decision in this session of parliament, maybe even this week. There is a concerted push in the Quebec parliament to adopt this bill before a provincial election is called in the next few weeks.

Catholic Insight Magazine has published my article on Bill 52 on its website. The article highlights the Federal Government’s response to the Bill, the history of the euthanasia and physician assisted suicide fight in Canada, as well as my interview with Dr. Catherine Ferrier, one of the founding physicians of Physicians’ Alliance Against Euthanasia.

I invite you to read the article at Catholic Insight Magazine.

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