Relativism and the Decline of Religion in America 13

In 1996, Pope Benedict (then CDC prefect, Josef Cardinal Ratzinger) delivered an address to the Conference of Central American Bishops entitled, “Relativism: The Central Problem for the Faith Today” — a 10 page document I managed to summarize in 15 pages. I don’t intend another summary here.

The discourse’s title says it all: We’ve got a problem with the faith today, a central problem with a capital P — that doesn’t stand for Pool — and name of the problem is Relativism. To this effect, Ratzinger, while holding his finger on post-modern religion’s waning pulse, observed that: More…

Chick-fil-A vs. the Dictatorship of Relativism 30

Ah Yes! Tolerance! The one thing we cannot tolerate is intolerance.

The evangelization of culture is all the more important in our times, when a ‘dictatorship of relativism’ threatens to obscure the unchanging truth about man’s nature, his destiny and his ultimate good – Pope Benedict XVI, Glasgow Scottland, Sept. 16, 2010

Pope Benedict coined the expression “Dictatorship of Relativism” during his homily More…

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul and the Tradition of the Pallium 9

Today in the city of Rome, 43 Archbishops, including 2 cardinals, received the pallium from Pope Benedict XVI during a ceremony at Saint Peter’s Basilica. Two other prelates, who were absent will receive the their palliums in their own dioceses. More…

ITALY: Earthquake in N. Central Italy and Bomb Attack on a school in S. Italy Reply

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Pope Benedict prayed for Italy and the victims of two catastrophes that have struck the nation this weekend, one man made and one a natural calamity.
The first was a Saturday morning bomb attack on a Brindisi high school, which the Pope described as a “cowardly” act of “brutal violence”. More…

Why Have Children? 2

By Fr Joseph Tham, LC

As the month May rolls by, the smell of spring is in the air, and it is a month that motherhood is celebrated all over the word.  For Catholics, it is also the month we celebrate the maternal closeness of Mary.  It is therefore a strange contrast with some recent comments that surfaced about the irrationality of having children. More…

Dear HHS: Of Course It’s about Contraception 1

Since the Health and Human Services Department announced its controversial mandate just over two weeks ago, the thrust of most arguments against it have focused on its being an unprecedented attack on religious liberty and freedom of conscience, which it most certainly is.

Just one step away

Some people, however, have been insisting too much that the real issue at stake is not about contraception, as if to say, frankly, that’s a thorny issue we’d rather not have to deal with right now.

It certainly is a thorny issue and, in fact, it really is More…