Is Neurotheology the Latest Trend in Bioethics? Reply

What is the latest in bioethics?

Fr Joseph Tham

One of the buzzwords of bioethics in the next few decades will likely be “neuro”.  When I was in medical school, we were told that little is known about how the brain works.  However, neuroscience has gained a lot of knowledge in these last 30 years because of the advances of imaging techniques coupled with powerful computer technology.

The tremendous progress on understanding how the human brain works can revolutionize our comprehension of ourselves and our society.  Hence, there are important ethical implications on how to apply this new knowledge. More…

“As the Father Has Sent Me, So I Send You”: Continuing Christ’s Mission 2

The problem with many passages of the Gospel is that they are very simple. We can so easily miss the point. That is why it is necessary to take into account the whole when reading a part, or, at least to take into account other passages of Scripture.

Jesus’ appearances after the Resurrection have a pedagogical role. More…

Jesus is the Good Shepherd When We Humbly Accept We are His Sheep Reply

Fr Jason Smith

Last Sunday after Mass I was talking with a young family.  One of the children said to me, “Did you know my daddy can lift me up on his shoulders?” As if on cue, her dad did just that. Then, with a big smile, the child said, “He is so strong he can even lift a house.” To which I replied, “I know, I saw him do it once!” Her eyes got real big.

Every child feels safe in their parent’s arms. Here they find love, care, and security. More…

Lent Is Over, So Why Fish on Friday? 6

Fishers of Men

Fish have always been a sign of Evangelization, so the same holds true for the New Evangelization — but why?

I’ve heard many reasons for this; recently came across one that really moved me. I’ll save that one for last. For now, I will say that I learned it from this guy: More…

Our Lady of Light: The Luminous Mysteries 2

Our Lady of Light

Since Thursday is the day when we contemplate the Luminous Mysteries, instituted by Blessed John Paul II, I decided to dedicate today’s article to Our Lady of Light, depicted in the painting above by Russian artist, Natalia Tsarkova. (Click on the photo above for a larger image).

Before I explain the painting, here is a video explaining the artist’s relationship with the late John Paul II. More…

3 Reasons Why the “Accommodations” to the HHS Mandate Do Not Address Our Concerns Reply

Since the USCCB issued it’s recent call to action, the controversy over the HHS Mandate is back in the news. Several public protests against the mandate by Catholic groups that will include priests and religious are expected throughout the nation for two weeks, from June 21 to July 4.

Meanwhile, the secular press keep will keep repeating the same old lines aimed at repudiating conscientious objectors. I would like to respond to some of their misleading allegations here. More…