Protecting unborn children from pain | LifeSiteNews 2

I’ve gotten in the habit of featuring articles published from from other sources, lately. Let me know if you think this is a good idea, and I will keep including them. Of course, the team of highly skilled Biltrix authors will continue to contribute our own trademarked Biltrix-Matter as well.

This one from LifeSiteNews is a really good one!

Like partial-birth abortion bans, fetal pain laws advance public recognition of the unborn child’s humanity and should be supported.

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Atheism vs. Agnosticism: Is There Any Way to Know for Certain? 17

Can anyone claim God doen’t exist?

Are agnostics just atheists who don’t want to declare their atheism? Are atheists just agnostics who don’t want to admit the possibility of a God. To be fair, we should let them speak for themselves. Here is what one renowned scientist has to say about his agnosticism: