Catholicism in America — Catholic Critical Thinking at Fordham Prep. Reply

I confess, I’m not a reader of America Magazine, but I am a Fordham Alum, and I like what I’m seeing here.

When I was studying a Fordham I used to meet with a fellow student once a week to read Greek — just for kicks. Pat was a senior at Fordham College who did his high school at Fordham Prep. I was not only impressed by Pat’s scholarly formation — he was one of those rare individuals who could carry on a conversation in Latin — but also with his deep religious conviction and love for the Catholic faith. He’s now Latin instructor at Wyoming Catholic College. All the best, Pat!

Cardinal Avery Dulles, SJ

The best thing about my experience a Fordham was getting to know the Jesuits. Always edifying. Fr Norris Clark (Requiescat in Pace!) Fr Joseph Koterski and Fr Christopher Cullen, renowned Jesuits in the Philosophy department. Priest, gentlemen and scholars, all of them, always priests first. I also had the privilege of knowing Cardinal Avery Dulles, who was in residence at Fordham while I studied there. Great man! And then there were the 40 or so scholastics representing Jesuit provinces from around the world. I am proud to have known all of them.

The boys at Fordham Prep have a lot to be proud of. They are receiving a good Catholic formation and a rock solid education. We sure could use a lot more of that.

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