Why Do We Make an Outward Display of Penance When Jesus Says Not to Do That in Today’s Gospel? 1

Ash Wednesday


In today’s Gospel reading (Matt. 6:1-6, 16-18), Jesus says that we should not perform righteous deeds in order to be seen and then follows up on that with three examples to clarify what he means. At one point, he specifically says “anoint your head and wash your face, so that you may not appear to be fasting.” Shortly after hearing this Gospel passage, we have dark ashes rubbed on our forehead and wear them for the rest of the day for everyone to see. Why the contradiction? More…

2 Things Wishing on a 4-Leaf Clover Won’t Change 6

Make a wish and say a prayer!

Make a wish and say a prayer!

Today there are only 2 types of people: those who claim to be Irish, and those who actually are.

Either way, everyone is invited to be Christian, especially those who already are. Today, Christians should try to be exceptionally Christian (as always). The way to do this is to remember a couple of things that St Patrick’s Day doesn’t change, and one thing that it does change.  More…

Mountaintop Moments 3

Remember the moment!

Remember the moment!

In the Bible, mountaintops are privileged places for encountering God, for having life-changing experiences of God. And so it is no mere coincidence that Jesus brought his disciples up the mountain to see his transfiguration.

We have all had mountaintop experiences, times or moments when we felt God’s presence almost palpably, and we knew with absolute certainty that he was watching over us and guiding us. More…

Lenten Temptation 3

Why does God allow us to be tempted? Precisely because we grow so much when we are. We grow in faith. We grow in fortitude. We grow in humility. We learn to trust less in ourselves and more on God. Our prayer deepens. We turn more fervently to the Sacraments. Slowly, surely, we become more mature spiritually as God’s grace engages our freedom.

Lenten Fulfillment Reply

Lent is a time to stop the frantic pursuit of things and kneel down, worshiping Jesus, allowing him to be God and Lord of our life.

Our fallen nature wants to make a golden calf out of many things, especially ourselves, yet paradoxically worshiping this calf never brings deep and lasting completion. The empty ache within is still there. By kneeling, adoring, praising, and worshiping Jesus we tear down the calf we’ve built and allow him to fill us. It’s by losing our life in Him that we find it.

The Second Word: This Day You Will Be with Me in Paradise 5

Meditation on the 7 Last Words, by Fr Jason Smith

We have been accompanying Christ during his passion. As if the cruelty of his torments was not enough, now, suddenly, a new type of scourging begins: More…

Blessed Are the Merciful, They Will Be Shown Mercy 9

Sunday Gospel Reflection, Fifth Sunday of Lent, the Woman Caught in Adultery (and the Pharisees caught in their own trap)

The Pharisees in today’s Gospel not only intend to stone the adulterous woman, they hope to “kill two birds with one stone.” Their hidden motive is to “find some charge to bring against Jesus.” Jesus responds by cleverly inviting them to examine their consciences. More…

God Made You To Be Happy 12

I’ve often thought of this season as “The Joyful Season of Lent.”

After all, Lent even comes with a built in happy day, Laetare Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Lent. But we don’t have to wait a month before we can enjoy some happiness during Lent. God made us to be happy NOW and in eternity. More…