Are People Fundamentally Good? 5

Here’s a good one for April Fool’s Day. How do you answer this question: Are people fundamentally good or are they naturally bad?

Why do we pity the fool?

Why do we pity the fool?

I’m going to play the naïve Rousseauean, instead of the devil’s advocate, and say people are good, society corrupts. You are probably going to disagree with me, but I think there is a case to be made here. I won’t simply embrace the noble savage in the end, because I really don’t think the answer to this question is all black and white. It certainly isn’t as simple as the following video makes it out to be. Or is it? You be the judge… More…

What Every Married Couple Should Know About the Truth of Sex and the Lie of Contraception 13

Fr Jason Smith

Fr Jason Smith

Words are not the only way we communicate, the body itself speaks a language.

A smile is, for example, one of the most obvious and effective means of non-verbal communication. It is so important Dale Carnegie notes that:

“The expression worn on your face is far more important than the clothes worn on your back.” More…

The Beauty of Music 13

Henry has advanced dementia. He sits all day, unresponsive, slumped over in his wheelchair in the nursing home. He does not even recognize his own daughter when she talks to him.

When they place the earphones on his head and play some of his favorite music from his iPod, something beautiful happens. His eyes grow wide with excitement. Henry comes alive!


Still Not Seeing the Reason for the Season? Here’s Why. 15

I have nothing against supporting companies that support Christmas and I have nothing against boycotts. But I have to ask, in doing so, what are we supporting / boycotting?

naugty niceCould it not just be the commercialization of Christmas?

5 (out of 6) Worthy Considerations about What It’s All About 18

It really is all about this.

No I did not prepare this bird or take this picture, but nothing inspires me like a food challenge. I’M DOIN’ IT!!! I’ll keep you posted on the results as the story unfolds — pictures included.

Seriously, this really is what it’s all about.

You see, when you were young, and your mind was an open book, you were told the ‘Hokey Pokey’ — that’s what it’s all about. Well, now you know. It’s not. Thanksgiving turkey wrapped in bacon — that’s what it’s all about! More…

We Are Catholic 10

At breakfast this morning a friend asked me my opinion on the recent news stories on voter fraud — whether I thought they were true.

“It really doesn’t matter,” I told him.  “It’s over. Time to move on to things that really matter. Besides, ….”

We Are Catholic!