Semper Fi! A Good Way to Start the New Year 8

What do Marines, wolves, and blogger awards have in common?

This time it’s…

Thank you Michael and 1 Catholic Salmon for this award!

Thank you Michael and 1 Catholic Salmon for this award!

The Semper Fidelis Award!

I’d like to thank Michael at To Love and Truth and 1 Catholic Salmon, 2 very faithful Catholic bloggers, for nominating Biltrix for this award. God willing, we can live up to the call to be Semper Fidelis.

Please, stop by and acquaint yourselves with these wonderful Catholic blogs, friends, if you have not done so already. To Love and Truth aims to provide a starting point for thought and discussion about two of the greatest attributes of God, love and truth; the blog’s author, Michel, is Semper Fidelis in keeping to that goal.

1 Catholic Salmon is Semper Fidelis as she swims up stream against the tide, that is, faithfully persevering in Catholic teaching and culture against the secular current, and through her blog, encouraging the rest of us to strive together with her — that’s the spirit of the Church Militant — again, Semper Fi!

So we are like Marines as the Church’s soldiers here on earth, and like wolves thirsting for God in our quest for love and truth (for that is what God is, simply put). Please, consider following these blogs that are always faithful in that resolve. And we at Biltrix are very honored and very humbled to receive such an award for these two faithful Catholic bloggers. God love you!

And Now… in the spirit of militancy, we are obliged to present and faithfully follow…

The Rules:

  1. Use the award logo in the post.
  2. Link to whoever nominated you.
  3. Write 10 pieces of information about yourself.
  4. Nominate fellow bloggers who meet the indicated criteria.
  5. Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

And I feel obliged to follow them faithfully, this time (as opposed to last time — whoops!)

10 [true] pieces of [useful] information about myself:

  1. I’ve never met a wolf, but I think they are just dandy creatures. Wolves are one of the most beautiful animals God created — but that does not say anything less of all God’s lovely creatures
  2. I’ve never met an ex-Marine — Because there are no ex-Marines! — Once a Marine, Always a Marine! Oorah!
  3. That holds true of any US Marine I’ve ever proudly met
  4. I greatly desire to grow and persevere in my Christian faith, which I thank God for constantly
  5. Many of you Christian bloggers do not know how much you inspire and encourage me in that regard
  6. I used to own a Chihuahua, two in fact, but not both at the same time. Chihuahuas are like little wolves: Do not disparage them
  7. They say that Shih Tzus and Poodles are closely related to wolves. I find that very hard to believe
  8. But I’m not disparaging them. I like all dogs. One thing I love about dogs is their natural characteristic of being faithful
  9. I’m running out of useful things to say about myself
  10. Oh, this is useful: I’m a Georgia Bulldog, win or lose — Go Dawgs!

Disparage Me Not!

Here is one more thing. The next part is the part I like the most, but also the hardest part — Just 10!?!? There will be honorable mentions, and I ask those whom I will nominate to consider them also when it’s their turn to nominate.

We at Biltrix now have the great privilege to nominate the following 10 bloggers fideles:

  1. Citizen Tom
  2. Gracie’s Quest
  3. Catholicism Pure and Simple
  4. Saintly Sages
  5. Peanut Gallery
  6. Armor of God
  7. Faithfully Flawed
  8. All Along the Watchtower
  9. The Interface
  10. 8 Kids and a Business

Honorable Mentions:

Thanks again to To Love and Truth and 1 Catholic Salmon for this nomination, and to all of you bloggers for your inspiring example of fidelity — Oorah!


  1. James!! I just finished writing my post for the other awards. Now I have to go back and modify it. LOL! Thank you so much for thinking of my little blog. You, and Biltrix are a gift. Truly. Big *cyber hug*


    • You are most welcome!

      The retreat was Awesome in the true sense of the word. Thanks, for asking. As for the Chihuahua, there are two types: aggressive mongrels like the one in the picture, which only the owner can love; and docile, people loving little critters that could not hurt a flea. I used to own one of each kind and they are both loads of fun. But type A is only fun for the one he knows as ‘Master’. Anyone else, Beware!

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