Calling It “After-Birth Abortion” Doesn’t Change a Thing 16

46421050“After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?” was a the title of a serious medical paper, published by Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva in the Journal of Medical Ethics, last year on February, 23. A question this title ought to provoke in everyone’s mind — Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers alike — is why are they calling it “after-birth abortion,” and not euthanasia? Even Britt Hume seemed a bit confused and disgusted over this, just recently. More…

Fetal Heartbeat Bill an Assertive Pro-Life Victory 5

Opponents of Alabama’s proposed fetal heartbeat bill see it as an attempt to strike a blow against legalized abortion. If that sounds like an understatement, it is. There’s way more to it than that.

If passed, Alabama would become the third state, after North Dakota and Arkansas, to make it illegal to perform an abortion once a heartbeat can be detected. More…

How Do You Talk Sense to Teens on Abortion? Ask a Teen 6

Why do you think they call themselves "Pro-Life Generation"?

Why do you think they call themselves “Pro-Life Generation”?

The other day, I was having breakfast with a priest from Boston, who told me about a bad experience he had while preaching about abortion. In the middle of his homily, one of the altar servers, a seventh grade girl, took off her robe, walked straight down the middle aisle, and left the church — for good. More…

Abortion Rate Drops to Lowest Since 1973 and the Credit Goes to… Obama? 7

Working hard to end abortion for 41 years -- you deserve some credit

Working hard to end abortion for 41 years — you deserve some credit

Am I happy to hear that the number of abortions in this country have drastically declined since the government legalized unlimited accesses to abortion? Of course I am.

Anyone who is Pro-Life wants to hear that news, but that’s not what the news is saying.  They’re reporting it as though this is a huge disappointment for the Pro-Life movement.

Based on the latest report from the Guttmacher Institute, More…

Can There Be a “Secular Pro-Life Perspective”? 36

Image taken from Facebook page: "Pro-Life without God"

Image taken from Facebook page: “Pro-Life without God”

“Thou Shalt Not Kill,” is a mandate of conscience, not just a tenet of religion.

That means the answer to the question whether someone can be Pro-Life without God is Yes.

And No.

I’d like to put off explaining that for just a moment, More…

A Sobering Lesson Taught in this Powerful Pro-Life Video 8

“Think about this truth: If you’re an age where you have ever used the Internet as a teenager, you have survived the government approval of your murder…”

Before you continue reading, you need to watch this video. Keep watching it to the end for the sobering truth that will astound you.

[Spoiler Alert] The narrator in this video was fortunate to have this chance to speak. He and his peers More…

Top Pro-Life Stories, Photos, Tweets, and Videos This Week 5

Signs of Life at the Capital

Signs of Life at the Capital

There has been a lot of discussion in the news this week over the success of the March for Life in DC and on who is winning the cultural debate on abortion. If you still have any doubts about this, you probably were not at the March for Life, but you can still see the results for yourself: here are some of the Best Pictures taken at the March for Life.


Abortion Proponents Aim to Oust the Holy See from the UN 7

According to a recent report from the Catholic News Agency, “Catholics for Choice” is once again seeking to end the Holy See’s permanent observer status at the United Nations.

Catholics for Choice is an abortion advocacy group that promotes teachings contrary to the Catholic Church. The American Bishops have repeatedly warned that they are “not a Catholic organization.”

On January 16, the abortionist group’s president, John O’Brien, argued More…

What Does It Mean To Be Pro-Life? 8

What is it that drives several hundred thousand people from all over the country to make the long trip to Washington, DC, and stand outdoors for hours in freezing weather, despite the brutal political opposition that doesn’t even want to acknowledge their presence? More…

Why Do 94% of Women Who Had Abortions Say They Regretted the Decision to Abort? 11

According to “Survey of Reaction to Abortion,” The Post Abortion Review,

A survey of post-abortive women found that:

  • 28% attempted suicide
  • 31% experienced suicidal feelings
  • 60% commented that the decision to abort made their lives worse
  • 94% regretted the decision to abort