Top Pro-Life Stories, Photos, Tweets, and Videos This Week 5

Signs of Life at the Capital

Signs of Life at the Capital

There has been a lot of discussion in the news this week over the success of the March for Life in DC and on who is winning the cultural debate on abortion. If you still have any doubts about this, you probably were not at the March for Life, but you can still see the results for yourself: here are some of the Best Pictures taken at the March for Life.

The West Coast is ramping up for it’s Walk for Life today. The lead-up to that event hasn’t gone without it’s share of controversy either, since abortion backers in San Francisco demanded for Pro-Life banners — “Abortion Hurts Women” — to be removed, because they were hate-speech.

Claims such as these add weight to Brit Hume’s epic commentary on Fox News’ Special Report, Wednesday. If you have not seen it, you really should watch it now.

The MSM can no longer ignore the impetus of the Right to Life Movement. Perhaps the biggest reason for this, aside from the growing majority of Americans who say they are against abortion, is the overwhelmingly strong presence of Pro-Life stories, photos, tweets, and videos in social media.

This month, I’ve collected many of these stories, videos, pictures, and tweets on Biltrix’s digital magazine on Scoop.It. If you are looking for good news from the Pro-Life front, you can find it here.

Top Stories and More on Biltrix's Digital Magazine

Top Stories and More on Biltrix’s Digital Magazine

News from the West Coast Walk for Life will be coming in soon, so please stay tuned for more!


      • I’m glad you liked it! And sure, it would be my honor. For crediting purposes, my full name is Karen Zainal and I blog at Under Reconstruction ( I look forward to reading more from Biltrix! God bless.

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