Five Ways to Live the Liturgy through the Readings during Holy Week Reply

For me the most beautiful liturgical time of the year has always been Holy Week. Through the readings at daily Mass I can relive the unfolding drama of Christ’s Passion leading up to the climax of the Cross. Then after pondering those events in my heart outside the tomb on Holy Saturday, I awaken with deeper joy at the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Every year, although it’s the same story, I find myself accompanying Christ differently, depending on where I am in my own journey at the time, and how God speaks to me through the liturgy. I find he never stops speaking to me and revealing himself to me in different ways. This year, with the circumstances we’re living, I’m expecting Christ to reveal something great, More…

Christ’s Humble Entrance into Jerusalem 6

Say to daughter Zion, “Behold, your king comes to you, meek and riding on an ass, and on a colt, the foal of a beast of burden.”

There are at least 2 contradictions in the readings for Palm Sunday. The first is blatant, the second gets overlooked. More…

To Love As God Loves 11

By Br Ryan Harkins

Holy Week is a love story between God and his people.

If you have ever done the “Strengths Finder” test you know that there are around thirty-four strengths that are offered and they say that these strengths cover about every kind of strength a person might have.  One of the strengths I like very much is called “Woo.” More…

In the Footsteps of Christ: Stations of the Cross in New York City Reply

Living Stations of the Cross

Fresh photos from Missions in New York City

Here are a few pictures from the Mission Youth Good Friday Mission in Manhattan. Coming soon, the mission video you don’t want to miss!

Living Stations of the Cross in Soho More…

3 Ways to Get Ready for Easter in Just 3 Days 1

With the great weather we’ve been having this spring, maybe you are already looking forward to a long deserved getaway: a long drive through the countryside, visiting Grandma, a big home-cooked meal, maybe even biting the ears of a big chocolate rabbit or two.

But are you ready for Easter? More…