Victory against the HHS Mandate: Way to Go Little Sisters! 10

Meet the Little Sisters of the Poor

Are they not religious enough for a religious exemption from the government’s HHS Mandate? President Obama and his administration don’t think so, but fortunately, the Supreme Court does — at least for now. Thank God! More…

Fool Me 3 Times, HHS Contraception Mandate Won’t Go Away 13

Dissemble [def.]: To disguise or conceal one’s true motives, feelings, beliefs, or intentions, (in other words, to lie); e.g., every one of the government’s proposed “compromises” on the HHS Mandate.

What part of the word “unacceptable” do they still not understand?

Cardinal Dolan released a statement about the Obama administration’s second compromise on the HHS Mandate and contraceptive coverage. In summary: More…

New Study Shows That Free Birth Control May Increase Your Likelihood to Vote for Obama 19

I’m sorry, I must have missed something… Was there a plan A?

“Some New York city public high schools now offer students “The Morning After” birth control pill; and Mayor Bloomberg’s cool with it, so long as they wash it down with a soda that’s less than 16 ounces!” — Jodi Miller, News Busted

My news feeds this morning were flooded with articles touting: “Studies show that free birth control leads to fewer abortions,” More…

Faith, Freedom, and Fornights: What’s the Takeaway Line? 8

Fr Edward Hopkins

This is a guest-post by Fr Edward Hopkins, LC

Last Sunday, July 1st, I gave a homily focused primarily on the theme of Faith, which seemed evident in the readings (13th Sunday, year B), but given our historical moment I felt moved to insert a few references to the HHS mandate and the current attacks on our freedom of religion. More…

Religious freedom movement holding new national rallies June 8 6

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National Catholic RegisterReligious freedom movement holding new national rallies June 8Catholic News AgencyOn June 8, Stand Up For Religious Freedom will hold its second round of national protests against the contraception mandate, continuing the…

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Georgetown, Americas Oldest Catholic College: Update on the Scandal Reply

In what can only be interpreted as a direct challenge to America’s Catholic bishops, Georgetown University has announced that “pro-choice” Catholic Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and lead architect of the Obama administration’s assault on religious freedom through the HHS contraception mandate, has been invited to speak at one of Georgetown’s several graduation ceremonies. More…


It’s obvious why. Besides, Georgetown has been a Catholic university in name only for quite a few years now, and it should hardly be considered “according to the Catholic tradition,” at this point. So, outrage, Yes. Surprise, not really.

What many people don’t realize is that Georgetown is arguably not even a Jesuit school any more, because ever since 2001 the university’s president has been a lay man (John DeGioia), not a Jesuit.

It is certainly not a good thing that G-Town invited Sebelius to speak at their commencement, especially given the climate between the Catholic Church in the United States and the and the administration in Washington, to which Sebelius belongs. Moreover, it is hard to see their behavior as anything but an insult, given Sebelius’s part in orchestrating the HHS Mandate, that sparked the current tensions between the government and the Church. However, it is a good thing Catholics should be disappointed, to say the least, over Georgetown University’s pitiful decision to invite the HHS Secretary to speak at this moment. I personally do not think this state of affairs does anything to help Katherine Sebelius or the Obama administration right now; it only fules the fire (regarding the outrage, I ought to add, it comes better late than never… see video).

Please, be sure to sign the Cardinal Newman Society’s petition to have Georgetown University rescind their invitation to Sebelius. Thank you!

Campus Notes

Princeton University Professor Robert George is taken aback by Georgetown University’s invitation to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. But he writes at The Mirror of Justice blog that he understands exactly why they did it.

[Tell Georgetown to withdraw the invite to Sebelius – sign the petition at]

The left-liberals who run the show at Georgetown have found a way to signal to the world that the nation’s oldest Catholic, and most famous Jesuit, university stands with the Obama administration in its war (to use, if I recall correctly, Kathleen Sebelius’s own word) against the Catholic bishops and others who oppose the HHS mandate as a violation of religious freedom and the rights of conscience (you know, the enemies of women’s “reproductive health”). By honoring Secretary Sebelius, they can help to undermine the bishops’ credibility and blunt the force of their witness as leaders of the Catholic church. I get it…

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Dolan’s Supreme Strategy Reply

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Timothy Cardinal Dolan is ready to take his fight with President Obama on birth control all the way to the Supreme Court.

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