Why would anyone cover up child sexual abuse? 1

Last week, LifeNews.com and American Life League reported on the following story:

When the Penn State sex abuse scandal made the headlines in November, it dominated the news for almost two weeks. The story was so big that it drew everyone’s attention away from Herman Cain’s withering campaign.

Despite the outrage, all eyes turned with sympathy, not to the anonymous victims, but instead to head coach, Joe Paterno, who was fired for failing to report the incident. The university’s president, Graham Spanier, resigned the same day that Paterno was fired, because he didn’t report the incident either.

One thing we learned or should have learned from this case was the obligation we all have to report allegations of sexual abuse involving minors to the proper authorities immediately, once we become aware of them.

Now in the case involving Planned Parenthood and Katherine Sebelius, multiple instances of child rape were systematically swept under the carpet. Why does this not provoke the same type of public outrage that we saw in the Penn State scandal?

The typical response is to blame the liberal media for not reporting it. In this case, however, we need to focus on a deeper cultural issue, namely, the public perception of abortion and sexual crimes that are often associated with it.

From the abortionists’ standpoint, it makes sense that they would overlook crimes of pedophilia and rape, since they already believe that it is morally acceptable to kill an unborn child in its mother’s womb.

In turn, the large scale acceptance of abortion warps the way our society looks at and understands the nature of sexual crimes and other forms immoral sexual behavior. People naturally want to cover these things up. Yet, at the same time, indulgence in deviant sexual activity is becoming more and more rampant in our society. The combined phenomena of indulging and covering-up creates a vicious cycle, which perpetuates itself in our cultural consciousness, affecting the way people think and act in this regard.

Here’s a snapshot of the cycle. When people are involved in behavior that they consider to be shameful, they feel shame for it afterwards. Because this behavior is considered to be shameful, they tend to cover it up, but covering it up does not remove the shame. It only allows it to continue. So they seek comfort from the shame in the very activity that causes them shame in the first place. The cover-up perpetuates the cycle.

Abortion is a cover-up.

From the cultural perspective, an abortion, even when it is not associated with rape or incest, is already an attempt to cover something up that is sexual in nature, an “unwanted” pregnancy. Pregnancies resulting from rape or incest are certainly unwanted, just as the offenses themselves are unwanted. So terminating the unwanted incident with an abortion seems logical to most people, based on the belief system our culture has ingrained in them.

To be sure, most people who say they are not in favor of abortion believe that it should still be permitted if the mother was raped and, therefore, it ought to remain legal.

This way of thinking is a public form of denial. It amounts to permitting murder as a cover-up for rape!

By providing abortions to raped children and not reporting the crime, Planned Parenthood has facilitated and enabled the perpetuators while denying the victims, not only due justice, but also the opportunity to heal their trauma.

The victimized children interpret this message to mean sex is shameful and that abortion brings closure to feelings of shame. Many of them will continue with this belief for the rest of their lives, and our society’s way of thinking will confirm their beliefs, because of the cover-up.

Although Planned Parenthood has faced some pretty large setbacks this year, they will probably continue with business as usual. Perhaps, stiffer internal polices will be enforced to keep them out of more legal trouble and to keep the dirt off their public image.

Forcing them to close their doors would be a wonderful thing. In order for that to happen, public awareness needs to change. For that to happen there needs to be a radical cultural conversion.

The cover-up cycle will perpetuate itself as long as abortion remains legal and acceptable under any circumstances in this country. To break the cycle, people need to see that there is a cycle and that this cycle perpetuates sexual crimes. Until they see it, they will continue to overlook these crimes.

You can help by creating awareness and informing others of the scandal.

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