When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It! (Thanks for Two Blog Awards) 16

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” — Yogi Berra

The ever quotable Yogi Berra

I just love Yogi Berra quotes. Don’t you?

On behalf of the Biltrix team I — James, in case you didn’t know — would like to thank two wonderful bloggers for nominating us for the following awards:

Thank you so much to 8 Kids and a Business for the

Thank You 8 Kids and a Business!

One Lovely Blog Award.

Thank you so much to To Have Her Heart ~ Is to Love Jesus for the

Thank You To Have Her Heart!

Illuminating Blogger Award.

Now, the rules for the awards indicate that one of our authors needs to say 7 things about himself. This time it’s Fr Jose’s turn.

7 unique things about Fr Jose LaBoy

  1. I’m a second child. I have a sister who is four years older than me. When just a baby my mom left me alone for a moment and my older sister decided to put me in the bathtub full of water to see if I could swim (more like drown). I still don’t understand what got into her.
  2. When I was in second grade I would be very bored in class and I would get in trouble every five minutes for talking or fooling around. Then the teacher asked my mother to sit next to me in class for a day. I’ve had shyness issues ever since.
  3. When I was a child I couldn’t lie if I looked at the image of the Sacred Heart. On one occasion in which I almost caused a fire in my building, my Dad put me before the image and asked me if I had done it. I was in a dilemma. I knew if I told the truth I would get it bad. So I looked above the image and said I hadn’t. I lied, but I didn’t look at the image. Nevertheless, everything was downhill from there.
  4. In my early teens a certain woman asked my mom what I wanted to become. My mom said, “He wants to be a priest.” The woman, astonished, then exclaimed: “And he dances like that!!!” It was 1983, when breakdancing was big. I too used to breakdance (emphasis on used to, because if I try now, I’ll probably break something).
  5. As a child, I too was obsessed with flying. The result wasn’t that bad: just a fractured elbow.
  6. I am my mother’s favorite child. She says it’s not true, but I know it is. My siblings get angry because they think I am. It must be true.
  7. I have a special needs brother, Jamie, my youngest brother. I love him to death. I have learned a lot from him about life, simplicity, and compassion.

(One more thing to add about Fr LaBoy that you probably want to know: He has a pair of nunchucks and he knows how to use them!)

And Now… The most rewarding part… Passing on the award…

Some of the following blogs have already received one of the two awards. In each case, I will specify the one or ones I would like them to accept.

  1. Let me first introduce you to Life-Vigil: Daily Pro-Life News, Stories, and Links to the most recent headlines (both awards)
  2. Reinkat: A very inspiring blog for me and truly illuminating for her icons, explanations, and life stories (Illuminating Blogger Award)
  3. 8 Kids and a Business: Uplifting, encouraging, and always Christ Loving, therefore illuminating (Illuminating Blogger award)
  4. Perpetual Learner: Priest, Photographer, Origamist, Scholar, Blogger, and a very good friend of mine (both awards)
  5. The Peanut Gallery: Reflections on the Psalms and musings on the world we live in (both awards)
  6. Keep Life Legal: Evangelicals for Life (both awards)
  7. Two Heads are Better than One: Insightful, witty, and occasionally provocative — good stuff! (both awards)
  8. Catholicism Pure and Simple: The name says it all (both awards)
  9. Catholic Diatribes: Unapologetic Catholic Commentary (both awards)
  10. Walter Bright: Father, Husband, Missionary (both awards)
  11. Public Catholic: Catholic in the public square (both awards)
  12. Legionary Brothers: It’s been a grace, a privilege, and a pleasure teaching them for the past 15 years (both awards)
  13. Gracie’s Quest: Inspiring study and reflections on Scripture (both awards)
  14. Catholic Salmon: A Catholic Christian swimming upstream (both awards)
  15. The Urban Wildlife Interface: Natural photography blogger (both awards)

Thanks again to 8 Kids and a Business and To Have Her Heart for these awards. One last thanks to add before signing off. Biltrix just got this little trinket from WordPress the other day:

Liked x 500

For which we have everyone to thank.

Thanks for all the likes, Y’all!

As a token of our humble appreciation, I’d like to leave ye with some mighty fine Bluegrass to enjoy.

Have a Happy Summer!


  1. Thank you for the nominations. I’m afraid that, in the illumination department, the only rays I seem to emit are those reflected from others. Just call me a ray of moonshine… sorry – don’t know many Yogi-isms. A long-suffering Brewers fan here.

    • As for what you say regarding the illumination department, in my own no-so-humble opinion, that indeed is what we all do. I think the Great Master, Saint Augustine, The Doctor of Illumination would agree that there’s only one true light; we’re just doing our part when we reflect that light, or let it shine through us as through multi-faceted crystals made in the the likeness of the Divine one. So shine on!

      Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father. (Matt. 5:15 NAB)

  2. Many thanks Father for nominating ‘Catholicism Pure & Simple’ for BOTH awards…… wow!
    Love your blog too, and have been deeply enriched by all your great posts.

    (P.S. Great farewell number by Bluegrass. Did a little googling about their music, and was fascinated to learn via Wiki: “Immigrants from Great Britain and Ireland arrived in Appalachia in the 18th century, and brought with them the musical traditions of their homelands.”
    You live and learn, as they say :-).)

    • Catholicism Pure and Simple always has great articles of substance, and always authentically Catholic. Thank you for witnessing to the faith and spreading it with your blog.

      Bluegrass always lifts the soul. A good number to end on, always.

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