“Christ’s Ascension Is Our Uplifting”: St Leo the Great on the Saving Mystery of the Ascension (I) 7

By Fr José LaBoy

There are two main perspectives in the homilies of St. Leo the Great on the Ascension: 1) the Ascension as the glorification of Jesus and our uplifting; 2) the importance of this mystery for Christian living. In this first article we will consider the first perspective and see how what happens to Jesus Christ in the Ascension affects us. More…

Is Neurotheology the Latest Trend in Bioethics? 8

What is the latest in bioethics?

Fr Joseph Tham

One of the buzzwords of bioethics in the next few decades will likely be “neuro”.  When I was in medical school, we were told that little is known about how the brain works.  However, neuroscience has gained a lot of knowledge in these last 30 years because of the advances of imaging techniques coupled with powerful computer technology.

The tremendous progress on understanding how the human brain works can revolutionize our comprehension of ourselves and our society.  Hence, there are important ethical implications on how to apply this new knowledge. More…

Trinity Sunday: What Is the Trinity? 8

Bishops like to practice the tradition of quizzing confirmation candidates during the rite of confirmation. On one occasion, a particular Bishop asked one of the candidates to explain the Mystery of the Trinity. The shy teenaged girl mumbled softly, “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” The bishop, who did not hear her answer clearly, said, “Excuse me, I didn’t understand.” The  girl spoke up and answered, “You’re not supposed to understand,  it’s a mystery.” More…

When Does God Not Forgive Sins in Confession? 4

By Fr Edward Hopkins

Fr Edward Hopkins tackling the tough theological questions

Fr Edward Hopkins tackling the tough theological questions

When this title was suggested to me, I thought, “Now that’s a provocative question!” I had time to think about it. And so I’d like to offer you a short answer and then a more involved one.

Short answer: “When you are NOT sorry” that’s when God does not forgive sins in confession. More…

The Theophany After the Baptism of the Lord, Part IV: When Jesus Becomes Christ Reply

Fr Jason Smith LC

Fr Jason Smith LC

The Baptism of the Lord was accompanied by one of the most stunning and remarkable events found in Sacred Scripture: The rending open of the heavens, the visible descent of the Spirit like a dove, and the Father’s audible voice. More…

The Theophany After the Baptism of the Lord, Conclusion 3

By Fr Jason Smith

Today we conclude our reflection on this event as found in the Gospel of Luke, 3, 21-22, which offers powerful insights into the life of Christ and our faith in the Triune God.

“When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was baptized too. And as he was praying, heaven was opened 22 and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” More…

Was Vatican II a Break from the Past? 6

The problem with asserting that Vatican II was a break from the past implies, for some people, a ruptured Magisterium.

Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize, professor of ecclesiology at the Seminary in Ecône, frames the problem in terms of a false dilemma:  More…

Breakfast with Augustine 19

Noli foras ire, in teipsum redi; in interiore homine habitat veritas; et si tuam naturam mutabilem inveneris, transcende et teipsum.

“Do not look outside yourself but turn, rather, inside yourself. In the inner man dwells truth. And if therein you find your mutable nature, transcend even yourself. But remember that when you transcend yourself, you transcend the rational soul. Proceed onward, therefore, to the place where the very light of reason is illuminated.” — De Vera Religione, 39, 72 More…