What Defines You as a Person? 3

This one is a tear-jerker, guaranteed to pull at least one tear from your eye, and as a bonus if you’re willing to take 7 minutes and a few extra seconds of your time to watch this video, a genuine smile to brighten your day and share with others. 🙂

That’s the important part. At least once a day, take time to stop and think — and think kindly — of others. That’s the lesson this short tale    More…

A Sobering Lesson Taught in this Powerful Pro-Life Video 8

“Think about this truth: If you’re an age where you have ever used the Internet as a teenager, you have survived the government approval of your murder…”

Before you continue reading, you need to watch this video. Keep watching it to the end for the sobering truth that will astound you.

[Spoiler Alert] The narrator in this video was fortunate to have this chance to speak. He and his peers More…

Top Pro-Life Stories, Photos, Tweets, and Videos This Week 5

Signs of Life at the Capital

Signs of Life at the Capital

There has been a lot of discussion in the news this week over the success of the March for Life in DC and on who is winning the cultural debate on abortion. If you still have any doubts about this, you probably were not at the March for Life, but you can still see the results for yourself: here are some of the Best Pictures taken at the March for Life.


Biblical Strategies to Conquer Sexual Sin 2

Here’s a cool approach to engaging men in combat for their own purity.

I found out about this awesome video series, because my friend, Eric Bello, plays the role of the Viet Nam fighter pilot who appears in the first scene in this clip. Yes, he’s as tough as he looks on screen and he plays a tough role — in more than one sense.  More…

Creative Evangelization in the Year of Faith 4

An interview with The Brother’s in Black

Who are they? What are they trying to do and Why? In the following video, these Brothers in Black –(former students of mine)– tell their story.


Motivational Video: Autistic High School Kicker Makes Game Winning Fieldgoal 12

21 seconds left in the game, the score was tied 21-21. Brick Township brings in the closer, Anthony Starego to finish the game. The ball is snapped, Starego sends the ball up in to the uprights, and the kick is good! The underdog Brick Township upsets its powerhouse rival Tom’s River (NJ) 24-21.


Non-Denominational: Can You Be A Christian and Denouce Religion? 21

Have you read the book, The Shack, by William P. Young?

Not Shaquille O’Neal

The Shack is a compelling story about the grieving and healing process of a shattered man after the tragic loss of his 6 year old daughter.  The book makes some strong points about having a personal relationship with God, by taking a rather unconventional approach. You have to let your imagination run a little wild in order to appreciate this book.

For example, More…

We Are Catholic 10

At breakfast this morning a friend asked me my opinion on the recent news stories on voter fraud — whether I thought they were true.

“It really doesn’t matter,” I told him.  “It’s over. Time to move on to things that really matter. Besides, ….”

We Are Catholic!