A Sobering Lesson Taught in this Powerful Pro-Life Video 8

“Think about this truth: If you’re an age where you have ever used the Internet as a teenager, you have survived the government approval of your murder…”

Before you continue reading, you need to watch this video. Keep watching it to the end for the sobering truth that will astound you.

[Spoiler Alert] The narrator in this video was fortunate to have this chance to speak. He and his peers are fortunate to be alive. Each beat of the drums in this video represents one human life lost each day, because of abortion. By the end of the video, you will notice that the young man speaking is not one of those playing the drums, because he can’t.

He is very fortunate to be alive, so that he can share his testimony — and so are you!

“There are those who will say that you aren’t allowed to speak up on the matter. If that’s the case,” he asks, “then who am I?”

“I think I have some room to talk. And I have value now, and I had value before the doctor reached into my mother’s womb at eight weeks to pull me apart limb from limb. I don’t know why the doctor stopped. I don’t know if I had a twin with me in the womb. I don’t know who I was. But I know who I am, and I have value.”

“So listen to the beat.”

If you think this is not enough lives that are lost, watch it again tomorrow, because it will happen again — 3,315 lives, each one unique, like yours, lost each day, because every abortion ends a valuable human life.


    • I’ve got to thank you again, JTR. Reddit has brought in a good number of visitors. I need to get on Reddit. At the same time, I’m already juggling a lot of social media, so maybe not quite ready yet. Any suggestions about easing into it (or diving right in) for when I start making that move — I mean, besides getting an account?

      • I’d set aside time to take part in commenting, James. All of reddit is pretty harsh on folks who only post to their own sites, etc.,…
        But of all the communities, the ProLife subreddit is easily one of the nicest bunch of folks.

        Important: do not just link to your place. For example, when you link to ScoopIt, consider linking to reddit, too. It obviously needs to have something to do with Prolife to be posted there.

        I’d also suggest approx 1-out-of-10 links to be your place, or somewhere in there. On that subreddit, you can get away with a slightly smaller ratio, though.

        I’ll give other suggestions as they occur to me, partner!

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