Creative Evangelization in the Year of Faith 4

An interview with The Brother’s in Black

Who are they? What are they trying to do and Why? In the following video, these Brothers in Black –(former students of mine)– tell their story.


Staying Calm in Stormy Times 4

By Br. Eric Wandrey, LC

The past few weeks have been intense. Hurricane Sandy blasted the Tri-State region and the elections turned out badly. Here in Rome, I have been removed from the hype and hoopla, but from what I have read online, it is clear that, regarding the election, America is currently divided between those who are intensely elated and those who are upset and intensely worried.

Since Tuesday, I have been praying a lot and mulling over More…

3 Approaches to Jesus in the Year of Faith 17

By Fr Edward Hopkins

Fr Edward Hopkins

This week the Church begins the “Year of Faith” called by Pope Benedict. October 11 marks the 50th anniversary of the 2nd Vatican Council. Why a year of Faith?

The Pope reminds us that we need to rediscover our journey of faith, which includes rediscovering a taste for feeding ourselves on the word of God. In his words: More…