Biblical Strategies to Conquer Sexual Sin 2

Here’s a cool approach to engaging men in combat for their own purity.

I found out about this awesome video series, because my friend, Eric Bello, plays the role of the Viet Nam fighter pilot who appears in the first scene in this clip. Yes, he’s as tough as he looks on screen and he plays a tough role — in more than one sense. 

You don't go into spiritual combat without support

You don’t go into spiritual combat without support

Conquering one’s own passions and overcoming vicious sexual habits is a constant struggle for men today. The world bombards us with constant ads and seductive images, making it hard to maintain our focus and self-discipline. That is why the real fight for purity is waged from within, not externally. Most importantly, because we must accept that we are weak in this regard, it is also important to accept that we do not have to enter this battle  alone. In fact, we already have the greatest ally fighting on our side we could ever hope for.

Jesus Christ is our wingman! He fights this battle with us and he wants us to win!

The Conquer Series presents a “Battle Plan for Purity,” a group study for men, featuring five compelling lessons by former U.S. Marine fighter pilot and pastor, Dr. Ted Roberts. The Series includes cinematic reenactments, like the ones featured in the trailer clip, and inspiring interviews with male Christian role models. And, most importantly, this program implements Biblical strategies for action.

This looks like a great program for men’s groups to delve into. If you are interested in learning more about it, you can visit their website: The Conquer Series.

I encourage you to check it out.

Also, if you’re a man looking for great strategy tips, read Fr Jason Smith’s 6 step approach.


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