Biblical Strategies to Conquer Sexual Sin 2

Here’s a cool approach to engaging men in combat for their own purity.

I found out about this awesome video series, because my friend, Eric Bello, plays the role of the Viet Nam fighter pilot who appears in the first scene in this clip. Yes, he’s as tough as he looks on screen and he plays a tough role — in more than one sense.  More…

How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Internet Pornography Reply

Did you know that the average age of a child’s first exposure to pornography is 11-years old?

You might also be surprised to learn that 79% of exposure to internet pornography occurs not at a friend’s house but in their own home.

If you are concerned about protecting your children from internet pornography, you should learn more about software filters, like Covenant Eyes, and programs for kids, like K4J.

The following video will tell you what you need to know: More…

Six Steps to Stop Viewing Pornography 32

Fr Jason Smith LC

One of the joys of my priesthood has been witnessing how God’s grace is stronger than any vice or addiction.

Given the large number of people struggling today with Internet porn, I thought it would be helpful to offer some of the tips I often give as a spiritual director to help people overcome it. More…