What Defines You as a Person? 3

This one is a tear-jerker, guaranteed to pull at least one tear from your eye, and as a bonus if you’re willing to take 7 minutes and a few extra seconds of your time to watch this video, a genuine smile to brighten your day and share with others. 🙂

That’s the important part. At least once a day, take time to stop and think — and think kindly — of others. That’s the lesson this short tale   

People are not always who they seem to be, at first. I think that’s because most people allow society to tell them who they ought to be, without even realizing it. In turn, people judge themselves and others by some external standard, crafted by the anonymous establishment.

True heroes, don’t allow the world dictate who they ought to be. They are self-motivated and self-determined, not self-centered. Their ideals are not the world’s ideals; their goals are not mundane goals; they choose sacrifice, not in order to pursue what they want, but to give themselves as the ultimate gift for others.

There are true heroes in your world that the world won’t recognize. In order for you to recognize them, you must see them, and love them, for who they truly are.

And that’s not the only lesson here. If you can apply this lesson to yourself, and learn to see yourself for who you are — the way God sees you — you will also come to love yourself, the way God loves you. How does God see you?

Think of how the woman loves the child in this video — that’s how. And that’s what ought to define you as a person.


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