Bono: Who Is Jesus Christ? 10

As more and more public figures speak out against Christianity and promote values that go against Christian faith and morals, I always find it refreshing when celebrities talk candidly about their faith in Christ on camera.

U2 front man Bono has always been upfront on 2 things about himself. He’s not perfect and he’s a follower of Christ. More…

The Logic of Christianity — What’s Missing? 16

I stumbled across an article this morning that I found particularly amusing: The Logic of Christianity: What am I missing?

The author was being rather tongue and cheek and admitted that she understood that many Christians would not see things the same way she sees it, so she asks, “What am I missing?” More…

Non-Denominational: Can You Be A Christian and Denouce Religion? 21

Have you read the book, The Shack, by William P. Young?

Not Shaquille O’Neal

The Shack is a compelling story about the grieving and healing process of a shattered man after the tragic loss of his 6 year old daughter.  The book makes some strong points about having a personal relationship with God, by taking a rather unconventional approach. You have to let your imagination run a little wild in order to appreciate this book.

For example, More…

An Appeal for the Youth 11

By Fr Jason Smith

Young missionaries carrying the cross down Broadway on Good Friday. I love the contrast between consumerism and Christianity in this picture.

I recall standing in line at a Starbucks waiting for a double shot of espresso, when a young man behind me asked if I was a priest. I told him yes and he proceeded then and there to pour out his life’s story, how he had tried everything (not referring to the menu) and it had all left him empty. I asked him if he had ever sincerely tried living the faith. He had not.