Bono: Who Is Jesus Christ? 10

As more and more public figures speak out against Christianity and promote values that go against Christian faith and morals, I always find it refreshing when celebrities talk candidly about their faith in Christ on camera.

U2 front man Bono has always been upfront on 2 things about himself. He’s not perfect and he’s a follower of Christ.

I remember back in 2000, when Cliff Richard sang The Lord’s Prayer to the hymn of Ald Lang Syne and called it the Millennium Prayer. That received severe backlash from the likes of George Michael, who proposed instead that the millennium prayer should be John Lennon’s Imagine (… imagine there’s no heaven, no religion…). I was struck and moved by Bono’s humble response. In a brief interview (on some tabloid entertainment show) he said he believed in Christ because in Christianity we believe in forgiveness, and speaking for himself he said, “I need that forgiveness.”

In the following interview, Bono talks about his personal experience of faith. Now, the man is a rockstar, not an theologian or an evangelizer. He is also a bold witness to his fans of faith in Christ. Today, that takes guts. (Don’t believe me? Just ask Tim Tebow).


  1. I also liked this. We all have personal faith stories to tell, we all struggle, and we all need forgiveness.

    My hope is that Bono’s words will give honest seekers something to think about.

    • Thanks for sharing the post from PGH. I was on sabbatical in August so I was not following the blogs much. But I’ve been following Bono for quite some time and knew he was a Christian and outspoken about his faith.

      BTW, you told me to tell you when I had some news about work. God willing, I’ll have some soon. God bless!

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