Avengers 4 Life in DC — The Official March for Life Video 7



As one of our Missionaries put it–“It was ridiculous!” Referring to the massive outcome at the event and the high-spirited, youthful  enthusiasm of the crowd.

Who are the Missionaries?

The men in the costumes are RC Mission Corps Volunteers. These young missionaries volunteer 1 to 2 years of their life during college or after high school to dedicate themselves full-time to the New Evangelization. Their missionary work envolves working with youth, directing confirmation retreats and boys camps, dressing up in costumes, and growing in their Catholic faith.

After this year of work and formation, most of them will go on to College, bringing their solid formation and missionary zeal with them. Some will generously volunteer themselves for another year of apostolic work to fortify the solid-foundation they already received and continue building the missionary program along side their priest-mentors, serving Christ and his Church in several cities across the U.S. and around the globe.


Here are a couple of links to previous articles featuring videos of Mission Corps Volunteers in action:

2girls 2

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  1. That was awesome, James! I was kinda hoping you had donned the Hulk costume, but still…very impressive.

    The Media can ignore us, but the sight of that many young people who would make such a trip fills me with hope.

    • 😆 Me in the Hulk costume — lol!

      I thought the video grasped the spirit of the whole event — life, joy, enthusiasm, love, youth and HOPE

      And those kids were from all over the country. I heard the March for Life in San Francisco was a large hit too.

      The MSM can ignore us, but because of social media, it is on the public record and cannot ultimately be ignored. The majority of the population in this country considers itself Pro-Life. We are winning hearts and saving lives every day.

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