Plan-B = The New Plan-A 22

It’s no surprise that the Obama administration has approved the sale of the abortifacient drug Plan-B in vending machines on college campuses.

I'm sorry, I must have missed something... Was there a plan A?

I’m sorry, I must have missed something… Was there a plan A?

After all, they are dispensing it like Band-Aids at New York City public schools. It only makes sense that they should make it readily available for more mature college aged kids too (for a small fee of $25 a pop — no pun intended).

They are calling it Plan-B. We are still wondering what Plan-A was, or whether there ever was a proposed Plan-A.

Of course there’s no Plan-A. Plan-B is Plan-A.

The message is clear — the only consequences for sex are fun and freedom. It does not matter that the creation of a human life is also a natural consequence of sexual intercourse. You don’t have to plan on a baby of a family. Plan-B, the new Plan-A will take care of that. No worries.

With Plan-B readily available, without consultation from any medical authority, that is the message young people get. And this message is approved by the United States Government.

Archbishop Caput got the message and wants to make sure you get it too:


“Catholics need to wake up from the illusion that the America we now live in – not the America of our nostalgia or imagination or best ideals, but the real America we live in here and now – is somehow friendly to our faith. What we’re watching emerge in this country is a new kind of paganism, an atheism with air-conditioning and digital TV. And it is neither tolerant nor morally neutral.” ~~Archbishop Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Philadelphia


    • Having not seen the video in question, I can’t be sure of what I am going to say, but if the people who uploaded the video allow adds without further specification, they may not have control over what adds get attached to their video. I had this problem with Biltrix at one point, before I changed my settings not to accept adds.

      You are right, though. It is getting out of hand.

  1. Ads are a bad idea unless you get to select them. I love that — there was never a Plan A! Supposedly, Plan A was to use a contraceptive the night before but something went wrong with Plan A, so, Plan B is…. Plan B. But when Plan B is the easiest, it becomes the only plan.

    • As long as young people know it’s there, it’s as simple and easy as sex without marriage. Of course, there are warnings on the box, and as Jade mentions in her comment, women get sick from it. Still, the government considers it “safe” enough to hand out in public grade-schools and sell in vending machines on college campuses. We are sending young people a mixed message, one that will only lead to deeper confusion and more pain.

    • It’s worse that there are no qualms of conscience about selling abortifacients, in most cases without prescriptions (as if that really matters at this point). People really don’t have to think about what they are doing any more, let alone the consequences.

  2. Yeah Obama & CO are only friendly to the schismatic or dissenting Catholics – the anti-Catholic Catholics like Biden, Pelosi, and Sebelius. Its sickening the way these feminuts & the pro-choice crowd are taking advantage of college aged women’s new found freedom.

    • More than just friendly to them. They are the ones who are helping him the most to attack the Church in this country. He needs them to push forward his agenda, just as he also needs the support of college aged voters and supporters to warp the culture in this country — and he’s doing a mighty fine job of it. I’m not looking forward to what America will look like in 4 more years.

  3. Perfectly said, James.
    This IS Plan A…and always has been. But the thought of this stuff in a vending machine is mind-boggling.

    One of the Archbishop’s quotes strikes me as especially true:
    “What we’re watching emerge in this country is a new kind of paganism, an atheism with air-conditioning and digital TV. And it is neither tolerant nor morally neutral.”

    Amen to that.

    As I said in my Monday post re Touré, the fact that he used his own child’s abortion to reaffirm his “belief” in abortion, and then “thank(ed) God” for it, tells us exactly how neutral these folks are.

  4. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    I matched this reblog with the previous one for a reason. Think about where this vending machine will be located. The first vending machine for Plan B will be located at Shippensburg University, a publicly owned and operated college.

    This is what it means to put the government in charge of the education of our children. When parents do not pick their children teachers, politicians do. Then, instead of being taught how to be virtuous, politicians teach our children that sin need not have any consequences. Instead of majoring in history, science, engineering, or literature — and learning how to serve others — politicians teach our children the “easy way out,” how to shirk responsibility and hide the consequences of their sins. That’s Plan B.


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