Pro-Life Generation 13

“A new generation is on the rise, a generation dedicated to life, to love, and to faith — You are that generation!” — Rev. Carter Griffin, Homily during the Youth Rally for the March for Life at the Verizon Center, Jan. 25, 2013

Avengers for Life!

“Avengers-4-Life!” at the March for Life

Only one word, to describe yesterday’s March for Life in DC — “Unbelievable!”

Estimated 500,000 thousand, and I kept bumping into people that I knew -- literally!

Estimated 500,000 thousand, and I kept bumping into people that I knew — literally!

I took plenty of pictures, and lot’s of video footage featuring the “Avengers 4 Life” (Regnum Christi Mission Corps Volunteers, who are also featured in our cover shot on Biltrix). Unfortunately, I am technologically disadvantaged at the moment, and will remain so until I return to New York on Sunday.

I hope to have the video edited early next week be able to share that along with more pictures of the event.

For now, just a quick synopsis of the my incredible experience yesterday.

The March from point a (the National Mall) to point b (Supreme Court building), approx. 1.2 miles took us 3 hours (probably because we were dressed up as super heroes)

The March from point-a (the National Mall) to point-b (Supreme Court building), approx. 1.2 miles took us 3 hours (probably because we were dressed up as super heroes)

The Pro-Lifers rallied, 500,000 strong, but numbers don’t tell the story. The atmosphere was charged with LIFE, youth, enthusiasm, faith, and vigor — perhaps most importantly, courage and hope. Throngs of chanting teens never let up. As far as the eye could see, as far as the ear could hear, the landscape and the air were pregnant with life.

Our day began with Mass during the Youth Rally at the Verizon Center at 10:00 a.m. Cardinal Wuerl presided along with several cardinal, bishop, and priests concelebrants.

Youth Rally at the Verizon Center

Youth Rally at the Verizon Center

Every cardinal in the United States was present, including my Archbishop, Timothy Dolan, of New York. Rev. Carter Griffin (vocations director for the Archdiocese of Washington) delivered a stellar homily, encouraging the young people present to stand strong in their faith and persevere in defense of life.

After the Eucharistic Celebration, I rushed to meet the growing crowd with the Avengers. This year I did not make it for the speeches on the lawn of the National Mall, because the “Avengers-4-Life” were busy teeming up with groups of cheering kids from all over the country.

At around 1:00 we began to march to the Supreme Court building, stopping several times along the way to join other chanting mobs. The relatively short trip from the Mall to the Supreme court took us over three hours. That’s not the normal time it takes to march, but we started out near the beginning of the procession and were among the last to arrive at the point of arrival.

Incidentally, I never saw a single counter-protester. Certainly, a meager few of them did show up to represent their views, but their presence was insignificant compared to the main attraction and the endless host of Pro-Life marchers.

People who attend the march for the first time are always shocked — jaws dropped and eyes gaping — saying “I never expected anything like this!” That is the truth of the matter. Words cannot explain what one sees at the March for Life. You have to experience it for yourself. Everyone who I talked to said, emphatically, “I’m definitely coming back next year.”

For those of you who have not been able to attend the March for Life in Washington yet, I hope one day you will be able to do so. These past few years have brought numerous challenges to our faith. To see half-a-million people, most of them kids, coming together in one place — the Capital of America — to express their belief and support for the sanctity and dignity of human life, is beyond impressive. It’s inspiring.

The pro-life movement is strong and growing, and it is young. The message I took away from the event this year is courage and hope.

To end this post, I want to leave you with that message of hope. Don’t let the bad news discourage you, even when it seems to come in droves. The culture of life is strong and growing and it isn’t going away.


  1. Awesome job, James!
    Thanks to you and your buddies for both making the trip AND braving the elements on so many innocent’s behalf.
    Can’t wait to see the edited video next week, as well.

    Thanks so much for being a real, live Warrior for Life!

    • Thanks, JTR. The weather turned out to be better than I expected. The guys were actually sweating in those costumes.

      Today we’re doing the monuments and museums. God bless America!

    • It was truly awesome. A blessing to be with so many people of faith and to be able to stand together in defense of life and the rights of the unborn.

      Thanks for your support and God bless!

  2. Great to hear! It was hard to find anything about it on the “regular” news, only one snide report and one who convoluted this moment with gun control. Thank you so much for sharing your time and hope! God bless…

    • I saw Fox’s coverage of it last night. The had street interviews with Lila Rose and Fr Frank Pavone, so it was at least more favorable toward the Pro-life side. They also showed some of the pro-abortion protesters for the sake of balance and objectivity. Like I said, I did not see a single pro-abortion protester. Last year I only saw a small group of aroun 15 of them.

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  4. Wonderful News! Superheroes for life. I love it! Thanks for marching in frigid weather for the unborn. I hope to go to the march next year. Have you ever attended the Mass in the morning at the Basilica on the day of the march? I was able to attend the couple times I went to the march with FUS. Its a beautiful Mass. Plus, seeing the Basilica is awesome.

    • I have not been able to attend the Mass at the Basilica during the March for Life event, but I have been to the Basilica many times and gone to mass there. I’ve only been to the March twice, actually — last year was my first time. It is a beautiful and truly awesome event. I hope you get to go next year.

      God bless!

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