DC Here We Come! 20

Short post today. We are packing and pulling out.

Tomorrow we March!

And it looks like we’ll be having our march in the snow…

… along with 500,000 to 1,000,000 of our closest friends.

march for life banner

Stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted.

For those of you who still don't get it

For those of you who still don’t get it

Follow us live tomorrow @BiltrixNation on Twitter.


    • Thanks for the prayers, JTR! Just arrived in Bethesda, MD, sitting in front of a hot fire and getting stoked for an eventful day tomorrow. Brought the mission corps with me. Every one is on fire for life.

      • I’ll be tweeting as fast as cold, fat thumbs can tweet… And trying to film and take pictures too.

        Thanks again, JTR. Proud to stand with you in defense of life. For the unborn — Heil Christus!

  1. LOL! Up here in the great white north, we think in terms of celsius, not fahrenheit but I do recognize the snow 😉 It looks cold but there’s warmth in the crowd so it will all be good….better than good…….it will be life-affirming. March on, Biltrix!! (but wear a hat)

    • I was in 60 below Celsius (plus windchill) in Nova Scotia once. I decided then that it would be a once in a lifetime experience for this Southerner.

      The cold here will not deter the crowds at the March for Life. I’m sure we’ll be at least half-a-million strong.

      Thanks for your support, Terry!

  2. Dress in layers. Try and pick up some of those packet hand warmers and maybe a thermos with some hot chocolate or coffee. Be safe and bless you as you march standing up for those vulnerable babies in the womb who are unable to speak for themselves.

    Since I don’t have cable I’m planning to follow your twitter feed.

    • I’ll be on the ball with Twitter tomorrow while doing some photography and video at the same time. I am a lousy multi-tasked, but I’m always a strong believer in Providence.

      Thanks for your support, Teresa and God bless!

    • Thanks, Jade. It was a powerful experience. The weather was chilly, but we hardly noticed, because the crowd was so enthusiastic and joyful. Everyone needs to have the experience of attending the March for Life.

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