Why the Tides are Turning Pro-Life 24

I owe a tip of the hat to Rebecca Hamilton for this video — she rightly titled her post this morning: Video Tribute to 40 Years of Abortion on Demand: Watch Once, Shower Twice

Caveat Viewer: She means it. 

And so do I. To Biltrix’s regular readers, if some suspicious feeling is telling you “I really should not watch this video,” please, Don’t.

And you wonder why the tides are turning?


I get accused, sometimes, of trying to push the “Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay, look on the bright side” point of view. If that were true then I’d be defeating my own purpose by grossing people out with sick pictures and videos, discouraging statistics, and depressing real life stories (not all of the time, but some of the time), only to follow by saying, “Cheer up, folks! Things can only get better.”

For those who get that idea, you’ve been missing my point (which is okay, because that was the only point Biltrix ever tried to make — people generally miss the point.).

I don’t need to make the point that our culture is sick. Our culture does a very good job of pointing that out on it’s own.

Yet more than half the people who live in this country are keen to the fact that something is wrong with our society, with the state of politics, with the entertainment industry, even with the state of humanity — that, indeed, is a good sign. It would be far worse if we all missed the obvious.

Then again, as humans, we are prone to missing the obvious. Ignorance, apathy, and decadence can make us blind to the reality that surrounds us, but  those are not the only causes of cultural blindness. Discouragement can make cataracts grow on our eyes too. From time to time, it is healthy for us to lift up our eyes and see the good signs around us — for our own good.

“I tell you, look up,” says our good Lord, “and see the fields ripe for the harvest.”

Tides are turning NOW, because people, young and old, perceive the enemy at the gates. We need to see this part of our cultural reality too.

So stay tuned… 

And stay strong!


  1. That unfortunate youtube video is all kinds of creepy. What I couldn’t help thinking as I was watching it is that hasn’t the man in the video ever heard of Margaret Sanger and her eugenics beliefs? If it were up to her, he wouldn’t be here. How sad that the pro-abortion camp has managed to lie to the public all these years. But maybe their lies had to get increasingly preposterous and convoluted before people would realize how wrong abortion is.

    • The fact that they are willing to sink to such depths of creepiness is a sign of desperation. What I find even more creepy, is that this type of propaganda actually appeals to their base — giving new meaning to the word base. We are looking at the “culture of death” in the flesh here. It even taunts with demonic laughter. There’s truly something rotten in Denmark. So much so, I’ve stopped asking how low can they sink, although I’m almost afraid to find out. It really is hard to maintain a cheery outlook when you see these kinds of things. But the alternative is…?

      Let’s keep praying, and keep fighting, Terry.

      The gates of hell will not prevail!

  2. The first video is so disturbing mostly because of the cavalier attitude, but also the use of the word “baby.” I kept hoping it was going to be tricky and be a pro-life message in the end. That it was a pro-abortion message about sacrificing the “baby” turned my stomach. Sad.

    • Stomach turning indeed. Rebecca Hamilton picked out the same nuances you did. We really need to pray, Lilly. And we need to believe that we can still make a difference, because God is with us.

      • It is interesting how some otherwise compassionate people justify it. A friend of mine puts her emphasis on the guys who impregnate getting off scott-free and on the women’s rights. But what about the beautiful child’s rights. Looking at my gorgeous new grandbabies, I can’t imagine deciding they were not worth life.

    • I had precisely the same thoughts…”How can he keep repeating the word ‘baby’ with a straight face? Surely this is actually a satire, or a pro-life ad?” Nauseating. And given the percentage of black babies who are still be aborted daily, it’s as if he’s celebrating black genocide. Doubly sick.

  3. Satan is being revealed. The truth WILL win in the end. And we know the end of the story – Jesus Christ wins it all for us. We just have to stand tall, stand frim, believe, pray
    and proclaim.

  4. The battle over abortion is one aspect of a larger confrontation. We can win the battle over abortion and still end up loosing the war.

    What is more important than ending abortion? It is deciding who raises the children we do not abort. Right now too many children learn the difference between right and wrong from government-run schools and a sick industry that thinks that Video Tribute to 40 Years of Abortion on Demand is not disgusting.

    • Oooof! Gut check!

      You know, Citizen Tom, I think about these things too. You are right that there are deeper cultural issues at play. Who will guard the guardians?

      • Biltrix – I did not address that comment at you in particular.

        Too many people are one issue voters. Some focus on the abortion issue. Others have a pocketbook concern. Don’t touch my Social Secuity or Medicare are examples. Then there are bunches of identity groups. Blacks, for example, vote Democrat, because they think that party good for Blacks. And it goes on.

        We should go to the polls voting for overall the best interests of our neighbors. What we should be voting for is men and women who mean it when the promise to protect our rights to Life, Liberty, and Property. If a politician cannot be trusted, he will not protect our rights. If we do not believe a politician will be good for our neighbors, it is because he is not good. He is just a crooked politician who cannot be trusted.

      • Of course, I did not think you were addressing your comment at me. My “Oooof! Gut check!” remark was because you packed a mighty strong punch. (So I’m glad it wasn’t directed at this editorial!)

        Your points are insightful and very well taken.

        If we are going to save our nation from the degradation we’re currently witnessing, we need to do a better job of engaging in civil discussion, for the sake of the civis and not just our own personal likes and interests. Thank you very much for your comments, Citizen Tom.

  5. I could not agree more with all that has been said. I too was sure that video had to be an ironic attack on abortion, with the use of “baby” and “tear us apart” and similar expressions that call to mind the horror of abortion – and that sinister laughter! Good grief!

    • Sinister is the word. What a contrast to the authentic cheerfulness and enthusiasm we experienced at the Capitol today. TIDES ARE TURNING!

      I’ll share my experiences on this tomorrow (if technology serves). Thanks for your comments and the reblog.

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