New Study Shows That Free Birth Control May Increase Your Likelihood to Vote for Obama 19

I’m sorry, I must have missed something… Was there a plan A?

“Some New York city public high schools now offer students “The Morning After” birth control pill; and Mayor Bloomberg’s cool with it, so long as they wash it down with a soda that’s less than 16 ounces!” — Jodi Miller, News Busted

My news feeds this morning were flooded with articles touting: “Studies show that free birth control leads to fewer abortions,” like this one from the New York Times, this one from Think Progress, “New study confirms Obamacare’s Birth Control Mandate could reduce abortion rate,” and several others (like this one, for example).

We are expected to believe that the timing of this media blitz has nothing to do with, say, the fact that the President’s popularity rating is not looking so hot right now…

Or with the fact that there has been some outrage, or at least warranted concern, over New York City public schools giving Plan-B, an abortifacient “contraceptive” drug, to minors without their parents’ consent. Please read Rebecca Hamilton’s post on Public Catholic to learn exactly why we should be concerned.

It’s a campaign believed to be unprecedented in its size and aggressiveness: New York City is dispensing the morning-after pill to girls as young as 14 at more than 50 public high schools, sometimes even before they have had sex. — AP report

Here is the real logic behind the claim that the free birth control they are dispensing now reduces abortion rates: Studies now show that abortion inducing drugs effectively reduce the likelihood that a woman will have an abortion. And that’s why we need government funded contraception (and abortion coverage) under ObamaCare.

It is sadly impressive how many people are actually convinced by it.

It is also sadly impressive the extent to which the media will distort reality in order to support their champion, Obama. They fail to see why the HHS Mandate is wrong — that it tramples on people’s freedom of conscience. They only see free birth control, and have allowed themselves to be manipulated into thinking that anyone who opposes the Mandate is trampling on their freedom and their rights.

Basically they’ve reduced the notion of freedom into what I can get for free. That’s not the freedom so many people fought for, nor the freedom they gave their life for, in order that we may live freely.


    • Thanks! I suppose there’s the assumption that their is/was a plan A. But if this form of contraception (a misnomer) is being handed out to 14 year-old girls before they even have sex… Why are we calling this plan B?

      I would really appreciate it if someone could explain that to me.

      • Yes- really if they were being honest they would label the box Plan A – because it doesn’t seem like they are willing to even talk about another option. Every time I try to discuss natural birth control prevention with someone pro-abortion they tell me that I’m living in a dream world. It is the easy out I guess. The church has really made me stop and think about this issue and amazingly the church was the only one in my life who asked me to. Before that I just thought of birth control along the same lines as tylenol…. crazy world.

  1. Shouldn’t it be considered Plan X-terminate? It is sad that people think compelling others to fund their abortion-inducing pills and their contraception for their sexual escapades is considered a “right” and “freedom” when no one is blocking their way to the stores so they can purchase their own birth control. It sickens me that liberals insist on imposing their beliefs on others who believe differently than they do.

    • Plan X-terminate! That’s the brutal truth!

      Not only is no one blocking them from buying birth control, but plenty of clinics will provide it for free. The fact that they are handing them out to children in public schools is sickening, but they respond saying, “look, it actually lowers the abortion rate.” Just another flimsy non-argument to make pro-life people look silly. And the sad thing is that most people accept their logic without thinking or knowing the facts.

  2. God help us! God have mercy on us! Does anyone dealing with children (outside of those in a Church) teach these kids to say “no” anymore? “Go out here, have sex, we will “fix it.” How insane is this?? Thanks for post and God Bless, SR

  3. As Rebecca Hamilton says on her blog, making contraceptives readily available will devalue women. This insanity will put more pressure on girls and women to “come across” because now they don’t have the excuse of an unwanted pregnancy. Has anyone considered the rise in STDs and HIV/AIDS that could result from increased sexual activity? Will Obamacare fund the incredibly expensive drugs/medical personnel needed to treat these conditions? This also devalues men because now all sense of responsibility will be eliminated and sex becomes a recreational activity even more than it is now. God help us all! Absolutely ludicrous.

    • All good points, Theresa, and heavy things for us to ponder. In a very important sense, we can’t just point the finger at an administration run amuck, although that certainly is exacerbating the problem. The need to educate and form young people in this culture and to reconstitute the moral fibre in this country falls on us, the citizens, parents, teachers, and friends. Culture of life begins at home. Without support in the home, the world will eat our children alive. It is sad and it is frightening. This is a battle we need to fight on more than one front. The “home” front is perhaps the one that needs more attention now, for the good of our little ones and their future.

      • The home front is definitely where the Culture of Life starts. Parents are increasingly challenged to keep up with all the anti-life, immoral influences that besiege our children. It gets frustrating since the fight never lets up and arguments against the culture of life have a skewed logic that is appealing to young, impressionable minds.

  4. Since the “Pill” has been provided for the last 50 years, it has been promoted by Planned Parenthood and the Government. “The more access to birth control the fewer abortions”. It is the opposite, the more access to birth control the more abortions. America is saturated with birth control and not intended pregnancies continue to rise with more need of abortion. When will people wake up and understand that sexual intercourse is intended and designed to make babies. Men and women have to start to take responsibility for their sexual actions and free birth control is not the answer…try the new novel idea that sex is meant for married couples in a committed relationship as it was designed before the “Pill”.

    • I’d say brilliant observation, John, except that you would probably have to agree with me that it’s not, because, well… as you point out, it’s obvious.

      There’s a lot of work to be done in order to make the obvious obvious again.

      Thanks for the comment! God bless!

    • That is a legitimate question. I believe the answer is formally, not because it can’t be substantiated whether or not that was part of the intention; materially, I would say that it is very likely, especially seeing how the media spins something like this, which is abhorrently evil, in order to make ObamaCare and the Obama administration look good. For some people this spin will reinforce their positive view of Obama and make them more likely to vote for him, unfortunately.

  5. So, if I understand their logic, by giving these girls abortifacient drugs (which, by their very name, sorta hints that they just might have SOMEthing to do with abortions), this leads to their having …FEWER abortions?

    That is akin to saying that by giving potential murderers poisons and knives, they’ve managed to reduce the number of shootings in an area.

    Such forest-for-the-trees arguments make my skull ache. Lord help us all.

    • That’s the brunt of it. But think of it this way…

      They’re not giving out guns, they’re out passing out bullets. Because guns don’t kill people… as the saying goes.

      In other words, there is another link in this chain. I just can’t think of a teenaged girl who does not know any better as a murderer. The millstone belongs on someone else’s neck.

      • I didn’t make myself clear, James: that wasn’t the crux of my comparison. My apologies for the misunderstanding.

        It was that they are merely changing the methodology of the abortions, and calling THAT a ‘reduction’.

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