Cardinal Dolan Beats Lady Gaga and Pres. Obama in Votes for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” 3

Did I just hear someone utter the words Catholic Moment?

The awesome thing about this is not only did the Cardinal win out over Obama and Lady Gaga in popular voting, he also beat Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards (which stands to reason given PP’s dwindling popularity these days)


Now it’s up to the editorial board as to whether Cardinal Dolan get’s his picture on the cover of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year issue in January. The fact that he is in the running says a lot for the current situation with the Catholic Church in America and our current fight for religious freedom – vis-a-vis the HHS Mandate. His standing in Time Magazine’s popularity polls is a good indicator that he might come out on top in both “contests.”

In this regard, National Review Online’s Editor at Large, Katherine Jean Lopez, has some insightful comments on her blog (two recent stories):

I strongly recommend checking out her blog.

Go Cardinal Dolan!


  1. Hello Bill, the story in itself is an amazing feat. Even though I am not aware that the Cardinal has done anything spectacular to deserve such a prestigious award. However, the fact that you have injected politics into the equation diminished an otherwise excellent post.

    I thank you for sharing, nonetheless.

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