Pro-Life Strong in New York 10

Guess What, Gov., We’re Here to Stay! 🙂

“Just two days after Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, voiced his opinion that those who value a “right to life” have no place in the state, Cardinal Dolan made clear faithful Catholics in New York will continue to join with ecumenical allies in making the state more hospitable to the unborn, helping mothers and fathers to love and provide for their children.” — National Review Online

On Sunday, January 19, Cardinal Timothy Dolan celebrated the Archdiocese’s Pro-Life Mass with over 2,000 present at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to begin what the Cardinal referred to as “Pro-Life week.” More…

Fool Me 3 Times, HHS Contraception Mandate Won’t Go Away 13

Dissemble [def.]: To disguise or conceal one’s true motives, feelings, beliefs, or intentions, (in other words, to lie); e.g., every one of the government’s proposed “compromises” on the HHS Mandate.

What part of the word “unacceptable” do they still not understand?

Cardinal Dolan released a statement about the Obama administration’s second compromise on the HHS Mandate and contraceptive coverage. In summary: More…

An Evening With the Cardinal at the Al Smith Dinner (Not So Grievously Bad) 13

I was going to write my post on the North American Martyrs today (and I probably still will later on… but you know how I am about keeping those sorts of promises), until last night when a friend asked me to share my thoughts on Cardinal Dolan’s inviting President Obama to the Al Smith dinner.

Since this is a touchy subject for many people, I hesitated to write on the topic. I changed my mind, mostly because I could not think of a good way to answer my friend in 140 characters or less (so you can imagine what social format we were using). And now that it’s all over and done with, I think there are a few good points we can take away from it. More…

Support for Cardinal Dolan 9

There are times when men and women of faith have to make difficult decisions and take actions, which may seem controversial, in the public square as a sign of Christian civility and good will.  Much of the recent criticism Cardinal Dolan has received in light of his decision to invite President Obama to the Al Smith dinner was not done with good intention or in a spirit of good will.  More…

Dolan’s Supreme Strategy Reply

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Timothy Cardinal Dolan is ready to take his fight with President Obama on birth control all the way to the Supreme Court.

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