Support for Cardinal Dolan 9

There are times when men and women of faith have to make difficult decisions and take actions, which may seem controversial, in the public square as a sign of Christian civility and good will.  Much of the recent criticism Cardinal Dolan has received in light of his decision to invite President Obama to the Al Smith dinner was not done with good intention or in a spirit of good will. 

In times like these with the government attempting to take away our religious liberty, we as Catholics must be striving for unity, not divisiveness.  The primary reason for the moral decay of our country is because Godless people, regardless of their agenda, unite behind every agenda any one of the liberal groups brings forward.  It is unfortunate that in these difficult times we Christians find it so difficult strive for unity in our own church.  The USCCB, and Cardinal  Dolan in particular are doing everything in their power to fight the culture of death policies of the current administration.  They need our support, not a petition of our demands.

The Al Smith Dinner takes place during the election year every four years. For the past 7 decades, the Cardinal of New York has invited the candidates from both parties to this event “for an evening of positive, upbeat, patriotic, enjoyable civil discourse.” Please, take the time to read Cardinal Dolan’s explanation for inviting the President and Governor Romney to attend the Al Smith Dinner in keeping with this long standing tradition: Gospel in the Digital Age: Al Smith Dinner.


  1. A timely post, James, and I agree.

    This wasn’t so much a political decision as it was a traditional and social one. Dolan is being civil (as you said) and, given his choices here, I think he’s handling it as well as possible.

    I have more than just a few problems with our president. However, even though I believe in my heart that Obama doesn’t respect ME (or my views) one whit, I still respect his office.

    Doesn’t mean I won’t be doing the Happy Dance when he loses in November, though.

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