Pro-Life Strong in New York 10

Guess What, Gov., We’re Here to Stay! 🙂

“Just two days after Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, voiced his opinion that those who value a “right to life” have no place in the state, Cardinal Dolan made clear faithful Catholics in New York will continue to join with ecumenical allies in making the state more hospitable to the unborn, helping mothers and fathers to love and provide for their children.” — National Review Online

On Sunday, January 19, Cardinal Timothy Dolan celebrated the Archdiocese’s Pro-Life Mass with over 2,000 present at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to begin what the Cardinal referred to as “Pro-Life week.”

The Cardinal’s message was clear to everyone: New York is Pro-Life Strong!

New York is not alone. Pro-Lifers are scheduled to march this week in Chicago, San Francisco, and every other major city across the nation. On Wednesday, over half a million people will march for life in Washington, DC.

Message to Gov. Cuomo: You can’t just say those who support the right to life are not welcome in your state or anywhere else in this country for that matter, or it will backfire on you. We haven’t backed down in 41 years and we’re not backing down now.

Here’s a reminder of our history, what we’ve gone through, what we’ve accomplished so far, and of what we are determined to achieve.

Thank you Texas Alliance for Life for producing this powerful video.


    • It is important to keep this in mind, the reason why we stand strong to support the right to life is because that is our first God-given right and we must protect that right every person, especially those who are not able to stand up for themselves.

  1. Thanks for posting this. We need to always keep this urgent issue before the public. I think it’s great the Catholics have led the call to banish abortion in our country. We need to write our U.S. Congressmen to support Senator Rand Paul’s bill to bring the Life at Conception Act to a vote. Passage of this Pro-life bill would, in effect, end legalized abortion in this country. Let’s all get involved!
    Betsy Borchardt

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