What Does It Mean To Be Pro-Life? 8

What is it that drives several hundred thousand people from all over the country to make the long trip to Washington, DC, and stand outdoors for hours in freezing weather, despite the brutal political opposition that doesn’t even want to acknowledge their presence?

It’s more than a political motivation, because the right to life is more than just a cause. It’s a gift that needs to be preserved and defended.

While Our Nation’s Constitution affirms the people’s right to gather in public assembly, it does not fully recognize the right to life, which the Declaration of Independence specifies as an inalienable, God-given right. We need a constitutional amendment to overturn the Roe vs. Wade decision and abolish abortion.

But that isn’t why over half a million people are marching on the Capital today. Before we can change the law, we need to change people’s hearts and help people understand why they should choose life over abortion.

Thank you to the thousands of pilgrims who turned out today in Washington to show the world what it means to be Pro-Life.


  1. My oldest son, a high school senior, traveled to DC to march with 350 other pilgrims and Bishop Conley from the Diocese of Lincoln. I prayed that it would be the final time such a march was necessary and he could say “I marched in the final march that was necessary.”

    • That is a great prayer. I join you in that prayer. I’m sure it was a great experience for your son and I bet he came back all fired up. I always did!

      Thanks for your comment, Jeff.

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