Victory against the HHS Mandate: Way to Go Little Sisters! 10

Meet the Little Sisters of the Poor

Are they not religious enough for a religious exemption from the government’s HHS Mandate? President Obama and his administration don’t think so, but fortunately, the Supreme Court does — at least for now. Thank God! More…

Liberal Justice Ginsburg Admits Roe v. Wade Was a Bad Decision 9

During her recent visit to University of Chicago Law School, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she believed that Roe v. Wade was a “disappointing decision,” because it went “too far, too fast” in liberalizing abortion laws — not because it allows millions of innocent children to be legally murdered each year.

To that effect, Ginsburg reasoned that the Court should have practiced more judicial restraint to allow expansion of abortion access at the state level through legislative means. According to Ginsburg, More…

Fool Me 3 Times, HHS Contraception Mandate Won’t Go Away 13

Dissemble [def.]: To disguise or conceal one’s true motives, feelings, beliefs, or intentions, (in other words, to lie); e.g., every one of the government’s proposed “compromises” on the HHS Mandate.

What part of the word “unacceptable” do they still not understand?

Cardinal Dolan released a statement about the Obama administration’s second compromise on the HHS Mandate and contraceptive coverage. In summary: More…

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over… 18

It’s a Tax. Get it?

I promise not to get too political here, since (1) Biltrix tries not to get too political; and (2) aren’t you sick enough of politics by now, anyway?

It goes without saying, however, that today’s Supreme Court decision, as shocking as it might have been for most of us, More…