Want to Fight the HHS Mandate? Start by Knowing What You Are Defending 1

Fr Jose LaBoy

Our Bishops, thank God, are insisting on the fact that the fight against the HHS Mandate is not just about contraception. It’s about religious freedom and freedom of conscience. Cardinal Timothy Dolan has clearly stated that “the battle over the HHS mandate is bigger than contraception. It is a freedom of religion battle”.


Catholics Speak Up: Time to Say What We Believe 5

In recent weeks, Planned Parenthood has been mounting an aggressive propaganda campaign to promote abortion, contraception, and sterilization as fundamental to women’s health and reproductive rights.

In light of the HHS Mandate, many Catholics have seen this as part of a concerted attack on the Catholic Church and have decided to fight fire with fire, by retaliating with the Catholic answer. More…

Is the Blunt Amendment too Blunt for Abortionists? 1

It’s time to end Republicans’ unrelenting war on women,” said Nancy Pelosi regarding Senator Roy Blunt’s “conscience” amendment. The amendment, attached to an unrelated highway bill, has become yet another opportunity for abortionists to build more straw man arguments to make it seem as if they are the only ones concerned about women’s health issues.

Nothin new under the sun

In this MSNBC interview Rachel Maddow and Elizabeth Warren deliver the same old talking points, aimed at confusing the public about the real issue. More…

Politics from the Pulpit: Will the HHS Put an End to Catholic Charities? 2

What if Catholic charities ceased to exist in this country?

If the government does not rescind the HHS Mandate, it is conceivable that the Church would be forced to shut down universities and hospitals many Catholic health services that provide affordable healthcare to thousands of Americans would likely follow suit.

How could the government allow that to happen? More…

Fr Barry O’Toole: Why Contraception is Harmful Reply

Fr Jason Smith is on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje this week. Fr Barry is filling in for Fr Jason’s weekly post while Fr Jason is out.

Is contraception immoral because the Church says that it is? Is it not, rather, the case that the Church, as she is always obliged to do, points out that it is wrong because it is immoral?

So why is it immoral? In the following video, Fr Barry emphasizes one reason why the Church warns about the risks of using birth-control. It is wrong because it is harmful: More…

Catholic Bishops to Speak at Rally Sites 2

HHS Mandate News and Rally Updates

The March 23 Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom was called in response to the Catholic bishops’ call for the laity to stand up against Obama’s nefarious HHS Mandate. Laity of all faiths—not just Catholics—have heeded their call and now over 60 cities are confirmed for this nationwide effort. More…