Is the Blunt Amendment too Blunt for Abortionists? 1

It’s time to end Republicans’ unrelenting war on women,” said Nancy Pelosi regarding Senator Roy Blunt’s “conscience” amendment. The amendment, attached to an unrelated highway bill, has become yet another opportunity for abortionists to build more straw man arguments to make it seem as if they are the only ones concerned about women’s health issues.

Nothin new under the sun

In this MSNBC interview Rachel Maddow and Elizabeth Warren deliver the same old talking points, aimed at confusing the public about the real issue.

Of course, the abortion media is not concerned about honest reporting. They never give fair coverage of both sides of the issue. Their aim has always been to distort the truth to gain sympathy for their own cause and fan the flames outrage against their opponents.

the Blunt Amendment would allow employers to avoid having their insurance policies cover contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs based on their moral convictions. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s web page, they make it sound as if it were designed to allow heartless business owners to refuse covering life threatening diseases like cancer:

This amendment goes even beyond trying to prevent women from using birth control. If your employer decided that your expensive cancer treatment violated their “moral convictions,” they wouldn’t have to cover it. Period. (

  1. The amendment says nothing about preventing women from using birth control. That’s a flat-out lie (from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee).
  2. They make the bill sound malicious by suggesting that employers can decide willy-nilly whether an employee gets cancer treatment.

The media assault on the Blunt Amendment has already caught one republican presidential candidate off-guard. When asked whether he was for or against the Blunt Amendment, Mitt Romney initially said, “Of course I’m against it!” because the way the reporter framed the question, he understood that they were asking if the government should pass laws that not allow women to use contraception. Later, when the issue was clarified by reporters who really wanted to know what he actually thought about the Blunt Amendment, he said “Of course I’m in favor of it!” This time, Romney was not flip-flopping. He just fell victim, momentarily, to dishonest media tricks.

If you want to know what the Blunt Amendment actually says,  follow this link to PDF of the Blunt Amendment. If you  don’t really care what the amendment says and prefer being lied to, watch MSNBC.

One comment

  1. Elizabeth Warren is taking advantage of the controversy and spinning the story to leverage her senatorial campaign against Senator Brownback. If she were truly interested in helping women have access to affordable healthcare, she would not be lying to them about the HHS Mandate and the Blunt amendment. She’s only interested in political gain.

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