Catholics Speak Up: Time to Say What We Believe 5

In recent weeks, Planned Parenthood has been mounting an aggressive propaganda campaign to promote abortion, contraception, and sterilization as fundamental to women’s health and reproductive rights.

In light of the HHS Mandate, many Catholics have seen this as part of a concerted attack on the Catholic Church and have decided to fight fire with fire, by retaliating with the Catholic answer.

The Church’s moral teaching is often presented as a list of negative prescriptions: Thou Shalt Nots. It’s time to address this sad misinterpretation of what we live and believe, by explaining that the dignity of the human person is the core of the Church’s moral teaching.

The reasoned responses presented in the videos below are a great testimony of what the Church teaches and why we Catholics proudly embrace this teaching.


  1. Fr. Matthew.

    What gets me is that these pro-abortionists say that the fetus in a woman’s womb is not a living thing. Then I wonder what it is?
    Human life begins at the moment of conception. We must fight the good fight. I’m sick and tired of these groups who are Catholic-bashing. Seems like they are not happy if they don’t.

    God Bless

    Jim Ruth

  2. Artificial birth control, abortion, and welfare hurt women in so many ways. Artificial birth control means a woman will be used by a man for sex, in or out of marriage. When the artificial birth control fails, the woman will be expected to kill her child, because the man never intended to take responsibility. It is the woman’s problem. When the government pays a man to leave his children so they can get free stuff from the government, the father will leave if they think the children will get more benefits, then the woman is alone. Most of the babies killed by abortion would be women if they had the chance to grow up. Planned Parenthood is an organization that makes it money by taking advantage of women who have be victimized by men.

  3. Wow, Gloria Purvis says it all in such a short clip. I would love to see her on every network news program, talk show etc. She is the voice of every Catholic woman. May God Bless her abundantly.

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