Catholic Bishops to Speak at Rally Sites 2

HHS Mandate News and Rally Updates

The March 23 Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom was called in response to the Catholic bishops’ call for the laity to stand up against Obama’s nefarious HHS Mandate. Laity of all faiths—not just Catholics—have heeded their call and now over 60 cities are confirmed for this nationwide effort.

To read more follow this link to “Stand Up for Religious Freedom”


  1. Alleluia for the stand the Church is taking and for the rallying call they give to wake up parishioners and other Christians alike.

    The Divine Mercy is waiting with arms outstretched to the souls of the world and to the U.S. to pray for His omnipotence to take action through us!

    The Divne Mercy Chaplet and Novena prayers are simple and provide a perfect way to lead Christan fight for respecting life at all stages. All Christians can pray “Jesus I trust in You”; in fact we must all rely on Him to make any goodness come of our lives here on this earth.

    The sword of St. Michael the Archangel is poised. The sword can be seen as one of fire, like the fire of love which ignites Christ’s Sacred Heart, it burns with the greatest fervor to do God’s Will. We can ask for the sword of St. Michael to cut through the falsehoods and evil plans of those who do not respect life. Their distain for life can only lead to eternal death.

    Please Bishops lead the flock in petitioning together for Divine Mercy. For the reconversion of ourselves, for the conversion of our enemies and the enemies of the true faith.

    God bless you in your work.
    Teli Tru

  2. Thank you for supporting our bishops and for spreading this wonderful devotion, which our beloved Pope John Paul the Great strongly promoted throughout his pontificate.

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