Politics from the Pulpit: Will the HHS Put an End to Catholic Charities? 2

What if Catholic charities ceased to exist in this country?

If the government does not rescind the HHS Mandate, it is conceivable that the Church would be forced to shut down universities and hospitals many Catholic health services that provide affordable healthcare to thousands of Americans would likely follow suit.

How could the government allow that to happen?

Simple. The government could not allow this to happen, since it already sees that it is the government’s make sure that all Americans have access to affordable healthcare. The government would fill in the gap by providing government healthcare facilities or government subsidized healthcare facilities and universal access to insurance for everyone (which it already promises).

Of course, someone has to pay for all of this, and without the support system of Charitable donations that Catholic organizations use to manage their operations, the government will raise the funds the only way it knows how, by raising taxes.

Okay, that was a slippery-slope argument. None of this is inevitable. After all, the Catholic Church and Catholic charities would be the ones to terminate their operations, which have long served the American public, not the government.

However, the government’s blatant open attack on the Church — imposing it’s will on our freedom of conscience by forcing us to pay for things that would cause us to violate our conscience — is not necessary either. So why are they doing this? Why do they refuse to listen? Why is the Church, not the government supposed to back down, when the government is the one violating our First Amendment rights?

The Church would rather not end its charitable services in this country. Unfortunately, if this standoff does not end favorably for the Church, that outcome is highly probable.

Father Sammie Maletta

The following video is a homily from Fr Father Sammie Maletta at St John the Evangelist Parish in Saint John, Indiana. Take the time to listen to this powerful 12 minute homily. You’ll be glad you did.



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