Our Religious Freedom 2

Chancellor Jane Belford of the Archdiocese of Washington explains the significance of the lawsuit filed to protect freedom to practice religion. Chancellor Belford details why the suit is necessary in light of the attempt of the government to redefine what is a religious institution. She explains that under the new definition that the work of Mother Teresa no longer would qualify as the work of a religious institution.

See on www.youtube.com

For a list of recent lawsuits filed by the Church against the Obama Administration, Go here.


  1. Hello and thank you for following my blog and liking my post “Bill 13 And The Threat To Religious Freedom.” Here in Canada, we seem to be sinking into the quagmire faster than our neighbours to the South. On another note, Fr. Tham, I think your mom and I belong to the same parish.

    • Hello and thanks! I’ve been following the situation in Canada recently and things are getting hot. In some respects, I like what I’m seeing, like the March for Life in Ottawa, and the New Abortion Caravan.

      Fr Joseph Tham sends his articles in from Rome and perhaps does not follow the comments very closely, but I’ll give him a heads up and let him know you mentioned it. God bless!

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