5 Stars! Thank You! 24

Thanks to three Super-Bloggers, 8 Kids and a Business, The Rainey View, and 1 Catholic Salmon, who each nominated Biltrix for the Blog of the Year Award, we’ve now achieved 5-Star-Status!

Blog of the Year Award 5 star jpeg

Biltrix humbly and sincerely thanks all three of you, and all of you bloggers, readers, commenters — you all mean very much to us. More…

Thought Provoking Blogs 16

Have you ever noticed how awards are kind of like socks? They always seem to come in pairs. That is, until the socks come out of the dryer, and then the analogy breaks down quicker than a Fiat on a familly roadtrip.

Speaking of provoking thoughts, Gracie’s Quest has nominated Biltrix for another coveted award.

Thank you Gracie!


Very Inspiring Blogger Award 14

From a Very Inspiring Blogger

Thank you, Gracie’s Quest for nominating Biltrix! We are honored and humbled by this award.

When it comes to inspiring bloggers, you can’t do more to inspire your readers than encouraging them to live their lives in search of Christ, as Gracie surely does with Gracie’s Quest. Her mission statement says it all: More…