Will You Be Forced to Pay for Abortion? 1

The slippery slope from the “religious exemption clause” the president promised in his Notre Dame speech has reached a new low. We are now being told that Americans will be required to cover surgical abortions. As Life Site News Reports:

“Several pro-life legal organizations filed legal briefs with the Supreme Court today telling the nation’s highest court in advance of its consideration of the lawsuit challenging Obamacare that the controversial health care law compels Americans to fund abortions.” More…

Catholics Speak Up: Time to Say What We Believe 5

In recent weeks, Planned Parenthood has been mounting an aggressive propaganda campaign to promote abortion, contraception, and sterilization as fundamental to women’s health and reproductive rights.

In light of the HHS Mandate, many Catholics have seen this as part of a concerted attack on the Catholic Church and have decided to fight fire with fire, by retaliating with the Catholic answer. More…

Is the Blunt Amendment too Blunt for Abortionists? 1

It’s time to end Republicans’ unrelenting war on women,” said Nancy Pelosi regarding Senator Roy Blunt’s “conscience” amendment. The amendment, attached to an unrelated highway bill, has become yet another opportunity for abortionists to build more straw man arguments to make it seem as if they are the only ones concerned about women’s health issues.

Nothin new under the sun

In this MSNBC interview Rachel Maddow and Elizabeth Warren deliver the same old talking points, aimed at confusing the public about the real issue. More…

Metaphysical Argument Against Abortion 2

If you question the morality of abortion, then you should also question its legality.

Why? Because abortion is murder. It involves willfully killing an innocent human being, which is morally corrupt, because it is murder.

To show why that is the case, one needs to first show that the child in the womb, from the moment of its conception, is a human person. Once that premise is established, the rest of the argument follows: If you accept that the unborn child is a human person then you also must accept that abortion is not only immoral, but should also be illegal.

Here are some indisputable  facts taken from an article from LiveAction.org, to argue that the unborn child is a human person:


Dear HHS: Of Course It’s about Contraception 1

Since the Health and Human Services Department announced its controversial mandate just over two weeks ago, the thrust of most arguments against it have focused on its being an unprecedented attack on religious liberty and freedom of conscience, which it most certainly is.

Just one step away

Some people, however, have been insisting too much that the real issue at stake is not about contraception, as if to say, frankly, that’s a thorny issue we’d rather not have to deal with right now.

It certainly is a thorny issue and, in fact, it really is More…

Remember When a Can of Coke Cost 25 Cents? Vending Machines Now Sell Plan-B for $25 on College Campuses Reply

According to a WTAE News report, “getting access to Plan B, the emergency contraception pill is as easy as getting a soda,” at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. The so-called morning after pill is now sold in vending machines on campus. More…