Remember When a Can of Coke Cost 25 Cents? Vending Machines Now Sell Plan-B for $25 on College Campuses Reply

According to a WTAE News report, “getting access to Plan B, the emergency contraception pill is as easy as getting a soda,” at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. The so-called morning after pill is now sold in vending machines on campus.  Allegedly, over 350 students per year will pay $25 for a dose of the abortificient remedy for their unplanned pregnancy.

Calling it an unplanned pregnancy in this case is a misnomer at best, especially when the student knows that the antidote is within walking distance from the dorm. Under the pretext of emergency contraception a young woman does not have to think about the consequences of not restraining herself — or so she believes — since, after all, it’s just another form of contraception.

It’s not just another form of contraception. It’s a big misconception.

  • The use of contraception is one thing (which can also act as an incentive for reckless sexual behavior), but Plan-B is not contraception.
  • The word contraception means preventing conception, not destroying an embryo after it has been conceived.
  • The destruction of an embryo after it has been conceived is not contraception but abortion.
  • Calling it emergency contraception ignores the fact that in most cases (overlooking rape) extramarital intercourse could be avoided in the first place.
  • Plan-B really is not Plan-B when it is so readily available that a student can factor it into her plans before putting herself at risk to get pregnant.
  • Plan-B should never be to have an abortion; but Plan-B ( the pill) just is abortion.

It might seem too early to judge about the long and short term consequences of the wide spread use of this drug. But one thing for sure is that rampant promiscuity and the results that follow in the lives of college students will only increase as quick-fix abortion medication becomes more available to young adults. It certainly won’t encourage them to be more responsible.

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