Abortion Rate Drops to Lowest Since 1973 and the Credit Goes to… Obama? 7

Working hard to end abortion for 41 years -- you deserve some credit

Working hard to end abortion for 41 years — you deserve some credit

Am I happy to hear that the number of abortions in this country have drastically declined since the government legalized unlimited accesses to abortion? Of course I am.

Anyone who is Pro-Life wants to hear that news, but that’s not what the news is saying.  They’re reporting it as though this is a huge disappointment for the Pro-Life movement.

Based on the latest report from the Guttmacher Institute, they’re selling the narrative that the decline in abortion is due to Planned Parenthood’s abortionist policies — to the chagrin of those who oppose them — and most recently, they are giving the credit to Planned Parenthood’s biggest ally President Obama.

Now they are going so far as to say, if you really want to reduce the number of abortions, you should be Pro-Choice, which we all know is another way of saying pro-abortion. Here’s why:

He actually says that the reason the number of abortions has gone down is only because of things that the Pro-Life Movement disagrees with, and goes on to say that the ones who are reducing the abortion rate are those promoting abortion — Planned Parenthood’s billion dollar industry is based on their providing abortions.

That is a contradiction and I’m not buying it, because there is no way that the Pro-Life movement has been utterly ineffective in mitigating abortion. In fact, if what he said were true, it would be the exact opposite: i.e., the people opposed to abortion are actually promoting policies that raise the number of abortions, while those those who avidly support it are the ones who are lowering it. Really?

Why is it that these liberals must always delete pertinent information — the information that’s staring them right in the face? Instead they construct this wild narrative to convince the public the Pro-Life movement’s efforts have been futile, because of the fact that the number of abortions have drastically dropped in their favor.

And of course, they will point to the Guttmacher report and say, “Look at the stats [from this agency that is funded by none other than Planned Parenthood]; they speak for themselves.”

While abortion backers are not willing to make concessions to their opponent’s position, I am. If the reason fewer women are having abortions is because fewer women are getting pregnant, I’m not going to deny that, because in fact, that actually makes sense. And if the use of contraception has played a large roll in that factor, I’m really not in shock about that.

Not everyone who opposes abortion is against the use of contraception, by the way, but according to this report, everyone who opposes abortion is lumped together in the same category. Thus the story goes, if you are not in favor of abortion, then you also oppose all the things that lower abortion: you are against sex ed, you are against health clinics, and family planning centers.

No. I know a lot of people who promote and support sexual education, which has reduced the number of pregnancies, by educating teens and young adults through John Paul II’s teaching on sexual and marital ethics in his “Theology of the Body.” I know several couples who practice, promote, and teach Natural Family Planning. Pro-Life advocates are the biggest supporters of real health clinics that aid women in crisis and teach them how to care for their bodies responsibly with a view toward not getting pregnant.

And they are deleting the biggest factor, which the Pro-Life movement advocates strongly, in order to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies — though none of these reports would ever mention it — ABSTINENCE.

Notice how you won’t see any of this in all the reports giving abortion advocates, Planned Parenthood, and now President Obama all the credit for lowering the number of abortions to its all time low since abortion was made legal.

When it comes to the reducing the abortion rate — and this is really good news — the Pro-Life movement deserves the credit it is due. The ones who promote abortion don’t deserve a drop of it.

Here are some recent articles that represent both sides of this debate: those who are in favor of abortion, and those who oppose it. You decide which of the two has caused abortions to drop drastically in this country.

I’m glad everyone wants to take credit for this success and I can only say keep it up! until you run Planned Parenthood out of business.


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