The Best Thing About Last Night’s Superbowl Was the National Anthem 4

Best National Anthem Ever!

How original of the NFL to have only one team play in the Super Bowl last night. None of us were expecting that.

The best play of the game was, by far — No, not the Joe Namath fake coin toss — Renée Fleming’s singing the National Anthem. She stole the night!


I nominate Renée Fleming to sing the National Anthem at every game from now on.

I nominate “Hyper-Catholic” Tom Hoopes for Super Bowl commentator. If you’re looking for a laugh Check out some of his tweets last night (on — ridiculous Catholic armchair humor.


  1. Love this!! My headshot photographer from my professional acting days also shot her head shots and said to me, “Do you know Renee Fleming? You remind me of her.” I never knew of her talents before (and surely, he was speaking superficially) but we share the passion for God’s love. I am the humble servant but she is AMAZING!

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