Should the Catholic Church Compromise with the UN? 13

What part of "Non-Negotiable" don't you understand?

What part of “Non-Negotiable” don’t you understand?

When the United Nations’ Committee on “the Rights of the Child” insists that the Catholic Church change Canon Law and reinterpret Scripture to conform with its own views on abortion and marriage, what word first comes to mind? More…

Abortion Proponents Aim to Oust the Holy See from the UN 7

According to a recent report from the Catholic News Agency, “Catholics for Choice” is once again seeking to end the Holy See’s permanent observer status at the United Nations.

Catholics for Choice is an abortion advocacy group that promotes teachings contrary to the Catholic Church. The American Bishops have repeatedly warned that they are “not a Catholic organization.”

On January 16, the abortionist group’s president, John O’Brien, argued More…