Fetal Heartbeat Bill an Assertive Pro-Life Victory 5

Opponents of Alabama’s proposed fetal heartbeat bill see it as an attempt to strike a blow against legalized abortion. If that sounds like an understatement, it is. There’s way more to it than that.

If passed, Alabama would become the third state, after North Dakota and Arkansas, to make it illegal to perform an abortion once a heartbeat can be detected.

This is a strong Pro-Life victory, because this legislation recognizes and affirms that unborn children are people who have a heartbeat, just like the rest of us. They can also feel pain, just like the rest of us. They have lives like the rest of us and their lives deserve to be protected.

More than just striking a blow against abortion, if this bill passes and holds up in court, it affirms something beautiful.

The people of this nation value human life — this is true! Numerous abortion advocacy groups fight tooth and nail against it, because they don’t want the world to see this truth. But the truth just has a way of speaking for itself, and no one can silence it.

The truth is, it’s wrong to silence the heartbeat of a living child. The reason more and more Pro-Life laws are passed every year and the reason the number of abortions in this country has dropped drastically since abortion was legalized in 1973 is because people are aware of this truth: a child with a heartbeat deserves the chance to live.

The Pro-Life movement has made great strides over the past 41 years, so great that the tides are now clearly turning in our favor. Yes, we are striking blows against legal abortion in this country, but that’s not all we are doing. We are reestablishing and building the culture of life. Laws that protect the life of unborn children make this Pro-Life Victory visible.

Let it be seen and let it be heard, we have the momentum and if we keep it up, we will change people’s hearts and end abortion.


  1. Congratulation.I’m very happy for it.
    We praise very much for No abortion here in my Country.
    Very interesting this web page.
    Ana Cecilia.
    Journalisty Pro-Life; from Colombia.

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