Watch Carefully: This Is What Abortion Is (in Sign Language) 4

The following 2 second video contains a truly disturbing image. It is intended to illustrate the real nature of abortion, truthfully and clearly. 

If that’s not clear, what can you do to make it clearer?

As far as the eye can see, folks, and then some

11 days from now, the National Pro-Life March will take place once again in Washington D.C. to commemorate the dreadful Row vs. Wade decision that legalized the unrestricted killing of pre-born children through abortion.

Thankfully, many consciences have been awakened to the truth of the abortion atrocity over the past 41 years since the law making it legal was passed in this country. In fact, there were more laws passed  in 2013 that restricted abortion than there were laws that made it more accessible, thanks in large part to the awareness the Pro-Life March has caused.

Each year the number of marchers has grown, despite the numbingly cold weather and cold winter rains. Last year, we marched in slushy snow, the year before that we were soaked in the rain, yet the atmosphere wasn’t just warm. It was hot! Why?

You really need to be there in person to find out why, but here’s a glimpse of the Pro-Life Spirit at the March last year.

This year we are expecting well over half-a-million Pro-Lifers to turn out in force, once again, to make their message clear: Abortion needs to end. Now!

It is understandable that many people who want to join the March won’t be able to do so this year. That doesn’t matter, because even if you cannot make the trip, you can still join the March by making the message heard.

At Biltrix, we are calling January “Pro-Life Month,” and we’ll be sharing Pro-Life news and stories every day.

On Biltrix Board (our ScoopIt page) we are posting all the top Pro-Life stories every day, so that you can share them on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook — whatever social media you use — and get the Pro-Life news out. Do you have any good Pro-Life stories we might not be aware of? Please, share them with us so we can post them on our Biltrix Board.

If you’re at the March for Life, bring more than just your winter coat or an umbrella. Bring a loud voice and lots of enthusiasm! We hope to see you and hear you there.

And pray for an end to abortion. 

Some of the Pro-Life news available on Biltrix Board from around the world…


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